Kursaal Memories



The Aerial Flight - Southend Kursaal

19th May 2003 to 31st July 2003

Introduction: One Bright Spot by Ken Crowe

One Bright Spot and By the Dome it’s Known were bywords for the Kursaal, certainly in Southend, in the East End of London and throughout much of southern England. The Kursaal was the largest amusement park in the south throughout much of the twentieth century and the destination for thousands of East Enders and others up to the 1960s. This book tells the story of the Kursaal: from its origins in the late nineteenth century, to the closure of the park and gardens in the 1970s, and the closure of the buildings in the 1980s, and then finally to the high profile re-opening of the ‘new’ Kursaal in 1998.

This exhibition of photographs takes visitors on a tour of this wonderland by the sea through the years and is based on a new book by top local author Ken Crowe. If you enjoy the Exhibition then why not buy Kursaal Memories here at Joyland Books and discover many more pictures plus the fascinating story of one of the world's first theme parks.

Enter the First Exhibition Hall.

Kursaal Memories


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