Kursaal Memories: The Launch

Thursday, 17th March 2003 was the official press launch of the most eagerly-awaited amusement park book of the decade: Kursaal Memories. The Launch took place in the Kursaal building, on Southend-on-Sea seafront. Joyland Books was present at the launch and presents this exclusive photo gallery. Click on the thumbnails to see the photographs.

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The Kursaal pictured on Thursday morning. Although the amusement park has long been closed, the entrance building has been restored and now includes ten pin bowling, bars and amusements.

Author Ken Crowe pictured alongside the exhibition of Kursaal photographs. The exhibition was open to the public on the evening of the launch. Author Ken Crowe (centre) pictured with representatives of Skelter Publishing, David Page (left) and Nick Laister (right). Author Ken Crowe pictured outside the Kursaal being interviewed by BBC Television News. Author Ken Crowe talks to the BBC .

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Ken Crowe explains to the BBC the importance of the Kursaal to Southend's heritage.

Alan Stack, Managing Director of the Rowallan Group (the Company which restored and now operates the Kursaal), at the book launch.

The exhibition of photographs of the Kursaal through the years. Copies of the book were available to buy on the day, and author Ken Crowe was on hand to sign them. Guests begin to arrive for the official evening launch event, held in the Kursaal's Balcony Function Suite.
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The Mayor of Southend, Alan Crystall, introduces the special launch evening. The Mayor hands over to author Ken Crowe, who presented a fascinating slideshow of the Kursaal's history. Ken Crowe presenting the slideshow, which included several photographs not featured in the book. To buy your own copy of Ken Crowe's long-awaited new book about the Kursaal, click here.

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