Pleasureland Memories: The Launch

Saturday 20 August 2005 was the official launch of the biggest amusement park book of the year: Pleasureland Memories - A History of Southport's Amusement Park. Before the main launch was a book signing at Broadhursts Bookshop in Southport, followed by the official launch at Pleasureland itself, hosted by the Park Manager, Phil Pickett. Click on the thumbnails to see the photographs.

Author Stephen Copnall pictured just before the book signing at Broadhursts Bookshop, Southport.


Author Stephen Copnall pictured at the Broadhursts signing.

At the main Pleasureland launch event. Pictured from left to right: John K Walton, Phil Pickett and Stephen Copnall

Park manager, Phil Pickett, opens the launch event.

John K Walton, author of many books on the British seaside, gives a fascinating talk on the history of Pleasureland.


Author Stephen Copnall begins signing books for Pleasureland visitors.

Author Stephen Copnall signing copies of the book, which was very well received.


A photo opportunity: Stephen Copnall with a very important member of the Pleasureland staff!

To buy your own copy of Stephen Copnall's acclaimed new book about Southport's amusement park, click here.


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