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The Masterplan (updated 27 March 2009)

The Masterplan has been designed by Levitt Bernstein Architects with international theme park designer Jean-Marc Toussaint, on behalf of the Dreamland Trust, Margate Renewal Partnership (MRP) and site owners the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company (MTCRC). It shows the Heritage Amusement Park on a site of approximately 9 acres, with a selection of heritage rides that we have already acquired or are in the process of acquiring. The Cinema Building has also been integrated into the development, with cafes, restaurants, shops and park ticketing. The Masterplan was launched at a public event in Margate on 15 March 2009. (Please note that the Masterplan is a work in progress and is currently being further updated.)

The Save Dreamland Campaign has consulted with its own members on the Heritage Park concept, and the response has been overwhelmingly favourable. The project is now supported by Thanet District Council, Margate Renewal Partnership, Kent County Council, South East Regional Development Agency, The Arts Council and English Heritage, who are all working with The Dreamland Trust in securing funding for the proposals. The Princes Regeneration Trust is project managing the grant funding applications on behalf of the Dreamland Trust, MRP and MTCRC.

The development will be in two phases:

- Works begin January 2010, due for completion Spring/Summer 2011
- Cost of £12 million
- Restore facade of Cinema, plus restaurant and lower ground floor
- Protect remainder of Cinema building from deterioration
- Rebuild Scenic Railway and build world’s first heritage amusement park, utilising rides already rescued from across the UK
- Scheme to occupy a minimum of 50% of the whole site

- Work due to start January 2012
- Cost of c£20 million
- Creating a major performance and entertainment venue to stage live music, cabaret, cinema, theatre and more
Celebrating popular seaside culture and Margate’s history as a centre for youth cults
- Exhibitions, restaurants, bars and shops

Dreamland Heritage Amusement Park: Masterplan

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Masterplan by Levitt Bernstein Architects

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