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The Park (updated 21 March 2009)

The Main Plaza

The world-famous Scenic Railway is the centrepiece of the park, here shown alongside Gallopers and children’s rides.

A body of water will run along the Scenic, with a deck allowing visitors to get up close to the ride.

The Cableway gives a bird’s eye view of Marine Terrace and the sands.



Scenic Railway Station

The Scenic Railway station follows the park’s modernist styling.

It features a large fin, reminiscent of the cinema tower.

The Helter Skelter is designed to feel like a lighthouse at the end of the pier.

The Meteorite can be seen in the background.


Wild Mouse and Wheel

Another streamlined building, here a food and drink kiosk. This style works with modern materials, such as the metal of the Wheel, but also sits happily with the wooden structure of the Mouse.

Each ride will be introduced by fact boards in the queue lines, including historical information, technical details and old photos.


River caves and Water Chute

The entrance to the River Caves is an homage to the great Scenic rides of the 1920s, one of which at Coney Island’s Dreamland was called Dragon’s Gorge.

These rides form the south-west corner of the park.

They maximise the available space by sharing hydraulics and maintenance space, plus providing the park’s office space.


Inside the River Caves

The theming draws inspiration from the listed 19th-century Menagerie Cages at Dreamland.

This ride will be a whimsical journey around the world searching for fantastic mythical dream creatures which will populate the cages of our “Menagerie of the Weird”.


The Cinema Building

Facade restored to create a landmark building at the Western end of Margate’s Golden Mile.

Lower ground floor providing a grand entrance to the amusement park.

Refurbished restaurant.

Remainder of building, including the unique Compton-Noterman theatre organ, protected from deterioration.


The Lower Ground Floor

Draft plans for the Cinema Building, Lower Ground Floor, drawn up by Levitt Bernstein architects.

This shows a main Amusement Park entry mall with cafes and shops either side.

Alongside Hall by the Sea Road is a Radio Station.

The building will be extended to the south to form a second cafe, Mirror Maze and Fun House.

The caterpillar will be housed under a canopy at the park entrance. (Note that this differs from the positioning shown on the Masterplan due to ongoing changes to the layout).


The South Facade

When the Dreamland Ballroom and other extensions to the Cinema Building are demolished, it will create an unsightly and damaged south-facing facade overlooking the park.

The plan is to create an exciting frontage overlooking the park, with cafes on the ground floor with south-facing terraces overlooking the Amusement Park on the first floor. The Caterpillar can be seen under its purpose-built canopy.

More plans and drawings of the Amusement Park and Cinema Building can be found on the PowerPoint slideshow that was shown at the I Dream of Dreamland event.

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