Pleasureland, Southport (22 June 2007)

Photographs of demolition work at Pleasureland Amusement Park, Southport.

Traumatizer Shop

Demolition of the Traumatizer shop building (Nick Laister)

View Across Pleasureland

A general view, looking east. (Nick Laister)

Site of the Cyclone

This view northwards shows the former site of the Cyclone roller coaster. (Nick Laister)

River Caves

The abandoned River Caves building, rebranded in 2004 as 'The Lost Dinosaurs of the Sahara'. (Nick Laister)

River Caves

The water wheel and conveyor on the abandoned and partially demolished ride. (Nick Laister)


General View Across Pleasureland

This view would have been filled with rides of all types this time last year, with the Cyclone as the backdrop. Now a wasteland. (Nick Laister)


The Fun House

The Fun House is currently being given a lick of paint in preparation for the Euro Attractions Park for 2007. (Nick Laister)

Inside the Fun House

The Fun House is being prepared for reuse by Dreamstorm for the 2007 season. (Nick Laister)

Haunted Inn

The Haunted Inn awaits its fate. (Nick Laister)


The first of the new rides for Euro Attraction Park has arrived at Pleasureland. (Nick Laister)

Main Street

A shot down one of the park's main streets, now deserted. All of these buildings are being retained for the Euro Attractions Park. (Nick Laister)


Inside a disused restaurant. (Nick Laister)

Sahara Shoot Out

A derelict midway game. (Nick Laister)

View Towards Abdulla's Dilemma

A shot across the park. The Cyclone would have stood to the right of this picture. (Nick Laister)

Cyclone Station

Until this week, the Cyclone station stood here. (Nick Laister)


The Cyclone once stood here, with the lift hill to the right. (Nick Laister)


This is powered the lift chain. (Nick Laister)


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