Umberto's Circus
by Eduard Bass

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ISBN Number: NA
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Publication Date: 1950
Hamish Hamilton

This enthralling story of circus life - the main span of which covers the last 50 years of the nineteenth century - is the work of a Czech author who has a profound, intimate and affectionate knowledge of the 'life on wheels' which he describes in such loving detail. Umberto's Circus travelled over highways and byways of Europe and Asia Minor while four generations succeeded each other to carry on its glittering name and traditions. Not only the Umberto family itself, but every performer, animal trainer, tight-rope walker and stable hand were united in a close bond - a bond which involved loyalty, devotion to circus life, to a careful, daily and meticulous rehearsal, to a love and understanding of animals, and to an adherence to a high ideal of showmanship.

Condition: Very good in very good dust wrapper.

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