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rollcoastcover.jpg (13454 bytes) The American Circus
Mark Sloan

RRP: 32.00  
Our Price: 27.49 
You Save: 4.51

Animals in Circuses and Zoos: Chiron's World?
Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington

Our Price: 12.50

Billy Smart's Circus
David Jamieson

Out of print - Buy secondhand

The Circus Age: Culture & Society under the American Big Top
Janet M Davis

Our Price: 13.95 

The Circus and Victorian Society
Brenda Assael

RRP: 33.50  
Our Price: 26.99 
You Save: 6.51

Circus Dictionary
Geoff Stevens

Our Price: 14.00 

Circus Posters: 250 posters from the archive of the Circus Friends Association
David Jamieson and Malcolm Clay

RRP: 30.00  
Our Price: 26.49 
You Save: 3.51

Circus Press Agent: The Life and Times of Roland Butler
Gene Plowden

RRP: 12.50  
Our Price: 7.79 
You Save: 4.71

Circus Transport 1950-1970
Henk van den Berg

Currently unavailable

Circus Transport 1950-1970 Volume 2
Henk van den Berg

Currently unavailable

Circus Transport Photographs Volume 2
David Jamieson

Our Price: 12.50 

Circus Transport Photographs Volume 3
Adrian Corti

Our Price: 14.00 

The Clown King
Gareth HH Davies

Our Price: 14.95

Clown Paintings
Diane Keaton

Our Price: 25.00 

Clowns of Blackpool Tower Circus
David Jamieson

Our Price: 3.50 


Clowns of the 20th Century
David Jamieson

Our Price: 14.00 

Confessions of a Showman: My Life in the Circus
Gerry Cottle

RRP: 6.99  
Our Price: 5.58 
You Save: 1.41

Confessions of a Showman: My Life in the Circus (Hardback)
Gerry Cottle

Out of print - Buy secondhand

Cooke's: Britain's Greatest Circus Dynasty
Stuart McMillan

RRP: 25.00  
Our Price: 20.00 
You Save: 5.00

Elephant Story: Jumbo and PT Barnum Under the Big Top
Les Harding

Our Price: 18.50 

Currently unavailable

travellingfair_cover.jpg (10345 bytes) Fairground and Circus Transport
Miller & Vanderveen

Our Price: 10.95 

Fall of the Big Top: The Vanishing American Circus
David Lewis Hammarstrom

RRP: 44.50  
Our Price: 39.49 
You Save: 5.01  

Forgotten Yarmouth Entertainments
Gareth HH Davies

Our Price: 9.95 

Hengler's Grand Cirque: The Premier Equestrian Circus Company in Victorian Britain
Stuart McMillan

Our Price: 30 

I Never Went to Clown College
Frank Cain

Our Price: 14.99 

Introducing the Circus
David Jamieson

Our Price: 5.00 

Currently unavailable

The Last Edwardian Jester
Colin Dale

RRP: 15.00  
Our Price: 13.00 
You Save: 2.00  

Currently unavailable - Buy secondhand

The Last Sideshow
Hanspeter Schneider

Our Price: 19.99 

The Legend of Salt & Sauce: The Amazing Story of Britain's Most Famous Elephants
Jamie Clubb with Jim Clubb

Our Price: 20.00 

Currently unavailable

The New American Circus
Ernest Albrecht

Our Price: 19.95 

Pablo Fanque and the Victorian Circus
Gareth HH Davies

Our Price: 10.95 

The Pickle Clowns: New American Circus Comedy
Joel Schechter

Our Price: 15.50 

A Pictorial History of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus
Bob Goldsack

Our Price: 19.99 

Currently unavailable

Playbox Book of the Theatre
David Jamieson

Our Price: 3.99 

The Posters of Bertram Mills' Circus
Steven B Richley

Our Price: 39.95

The Posters of Billy Smart's Circus
Steven B Richley

Our Price: 39.95 

Remembering Benson's Wild Animal Farm 
Bob Goldsack

Our Price: 9.99 

Currently unavailable

Ringling: The Florida Years 1911-1936 
David C Weeks

Our Price: 36.50 

Ringlingville USA: The Stupendous Story of Seven Siblings and Their Stunning Circus Success 
Jerry Apps

Our Price: 17.50 

Sampson's Circus 
Howard Spring

Our Price: 4.00 

Sir Robert Fossett's Circus: The Definitive Visual History 
Mark Twitchett and Steven B Richley

Our Price: 34.95 

Stewart Waghorn - Circus Illustrations 
Stewart Waghorn

Our Price: 14.00 

Somersaults and Somer-not!: My Early Life in Variety and Circus 
Johnny Hutch MBE

Our Price: 5.50 

Thomas Ord: Circus Proprietor 
Stuart McMillan

Our Price: 15.00 

Two Glasgow Street Performers 
Stuart McMillan

Our Price: 10.00 

Two Hundred Years of the American Circus 
Tom Ogden

Our Price: 35.50 

Currently unavailable

Water Spectacles in the Circus: Aqua Shows Around the World
Don Stacey

Our Price: 5.00

Zippos Book of the Circus
David Jamieson

Currently unavailable


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