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Title Item Description Price No. in stock
American Circus Posters Book In full colour. 20.00 1
Animals in Circuses and Zoos Book The results of an 18 month investigation. 32.00 SOLD
Beasts & Circuses Book Reminiscences of show life. 10.00 SOLD
Behind My Greasepaint Book Autobiography of Coco the Clown. 20.00 SOLD
The Bertram Mills Book of the Circus Book A wonderful look back at the days of the traditional circus. 55.00 SOLD
Bertram Mills Circus in Story and Pictures Book A history of Bertram Mills Circus. 39.00 SOLD
Bertram Mills Circus: Its Story Book The story of Bertram Mills and the circus that bore his name. 20.00 SOLD
Bertram Mills Circus: Its Story (Paperback) Book The story of Bertram Mills and the circus that bore his name. 15.00 1
Bertram Mills: The Circus that Travelled by Train Book A pictorial celebration of 'The Quality Show'. 155.00 1
Big Apple Circus Book The story of this unique circus. 12.00 1
Big Charlie Book The story of Elephant Bill. 25.00 1
Big Top Boss Book John Ringling North and the circus. 30.00 1
Billy Smart's Circus Book A pictorial history. 50.00 SOLD
Billy Smart's Circus: Sawdust, Spangles and Sensations Book Encyclopaedia of programmes, etc. 25.00 SOLD
The Book of Clowns Book Superb, large colour book. 25.00 SOLD
Bring on the Clowns Book The history of clowns. 20.00 1
British Circus Life Book Life on the British circus after World War II 25.00 SOLD
Broken Hearted Clown Book Autobiography of a circus life. 20.00 1
Caravan Book Drawings and text by Edward Seago. 50.00 SOLD
Center Ring: The People of the Circus Book Personalities of the circus - published 1956. 15.00 1
The Children's Book of the Circus Book The true story of the sawdust ring. 10.00 SOLD
The Children's Circus Book Book Children's compendium. 20.00 SOLD
Chipperfields Circus: An Illustrated History Book A fascinating record of the world-famous circus. 95.00 1
Chipperfield's Circus Book A writer travels with the circus. 20.00 SOLD
Circus Book A well illustrated history of the circus. 9.90 49
Circus Book Beautifully illustrated, collectable circus book in Dutch. 20.00 1
Circusana Book A Guide Book for the Harry Hertzberg Circus Collection 15.00 SOLD
Circus and Allied Arts Book Rare encyclopaedia of the circus. 35.00 SOLD
Circus: A World History Book Large book packed with hundreds of photos. 20.00 SOLD
The Circus Book Book A series of essays and illustrations. 15.00 SOLD
Circus! An Investigation into what makes the sawdust fly Book A light-hearted history of the circus. 18.00 1
Circus! A Spectacularly Colorful Display of the Wonders of the Big Top - Past and Present Book Circus anecdotes, colourful photos, faces behind the shows. 5.00 SOLD
The Circus Comes to Town Book Ladybird Book from 1957. 15.00 1
Circus Company Book Life on the road with the travelling show. 40.00 SOLD
Circus Days Book Over 100 b/w photos of life on the road with a travelling circus. 24.00 SOLD
Circus Dreams Book A photographic record of a spectacular circus event. 10.00 1
The Circus Has No Home Book The author's life with an English tenting circus. 25.00 1
Circus Lingo Book "Another book by the man who was in it". 12.00 SOLD
The Circus: Lure and Legend Book From the days of ancient Rome to the modern era. 20.00 1
The Circus Marches Book Circus novel with exquisite illustrations. 17.00 SOLD
Circus: Men, Beasts and the Joys of the Road Book A day by day look at a travelling circus. 30.00 1
The Circus Moves by Rail Book A large collection of photographs, posters and text on circus transport. 45.00 SOLD
Circus Parade Book Illustrated from Old Prints and Pictures. 15.00 1
Circus Press Agent Book The life story of Roland Butler, King of Ballyhoo. 20.00 1
Circus Trains, Trucks and Models Book Photographs, drawings, and descriptions of circus trains, models and scenery. 25.00 SOLD
Circus Transport Photographs 1950-1999 Book Over 200 black & white and colour photographs. 85.00 SOLD
Circus Transport Volume 1 Book Illustrated account of post-war UK Circus vehicles. 30.00 1
A Circus Year Book Experiences of a circus clown. 15.00 SOLD
Cirque du Soleil: Varekai DVD Circus show. 7.50 1
Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco DVD Circus show. 7.50 SOLD
Cirque du Soleil: Dralion DVD Circus show. 7.50 1
Clowning Through Book A wonderful insight to the world of the circus. 44.00 1
Clowns Book One of the most enjoyable and informative histories of clowns. 16.00 1
Confessions of a Showman: My Life in Circus Book Memoirs of Britain's greatest circus impresario. 9.99 1
Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks Book Introduction to cowboy roping and rope tricks. 5.00 19
Drawing at the Circus Book How to capture the circus on paper. 15.00 2
Dust, Dope and Sawdust Book The life story of Paul Carew. 85.00 1
The English Circus Book History of the English Circus from the 18th century. 10.00 SOLD
The Fabulous Showman Book The life and times of PT Barnum. 10.00 1
Fairs and Circuses Book A fascinating account, aimed at junior readers. 5.00 SOLD
Fairs, Circuses & Music Halls Book The sounds and savours of circus life. 12.00 2
The Golden Age of the Circus Book The history of the circus and its great performers. 19.00 1
The Great Circus Parade Book Wisconsin's national treasure. 15.00 1
The Great Circus Street Parade Book 183 rare and unusual illustrations of circus parades. 15.00 1
Greatest Show on Earth Book The birth of circus in London. 20.00 1
The Greatest Show on Earth Book 60 years of circus posters. 20.00 SOLD
Here Comes the Circus Book The amazing story of the wonders of the circus world through the ages. 20.00 1
High Endeavour Book The story of Jimmy, a lion tamer. 10.00 1
A History of the Circus Book Complete chronicle of circuses and circus lore - very rare. 45.00 SOLD
A History of the Circus in America Book From 1771 to the 1950s. 22.00 SOLD
The History of the Circus Book Interesting history of the circus. 8.00 1
Horse Dung Trail Book Saga of American circus. 20.00 1
How the Circus Works Book Behind the scenes at the Circus. 12.00 SOLD
Josser Book Days and nights in the circus. 13.00 1
Juggling & Feats of Dexterity Book Circus performance arts and skills revealed. 5.00 1
The Last Edwardian Jester Book Mr Harry Dale and his musical family. 32.00 SOLD
Leger's Circus Book Handwritten texts and illustrations. 30.00 2
Life's a Circus Book Reminiscences of Lady Eleanor Smith. 15.00 1
Love, Let Me Not Hunger Book Circus novel. 10.00 1
Love of the Circus Book History of the circus.  15.00 1
Luke's Circus Book A novel about circus.  25.00 SOLD
Man on the Tightrope Book Circus novel. 15.00 SOLD
Mary-Jo's Elephant Book Circus-based fiction. 15.00 SOLD
Master Showman Book Animal acts in travelling circuses. 19.00 SOLD
Menageries, Circuses and Theatres Book Autobiography of EH Bostock. 100.00 SOLD
Mud Show Book A circus season. 25.00 1
My Circus Life Book Life of a circus proprietor. 28.00 SOLD
My Father Owned a Circus Book The story of Gollmar brothers Circus. 28.00 SOLD
My Friends the Animals Book Autobiography of circus legend, Dick Chipperfield. 25.00 SOLD
My Life with Animals Book Fascinating information on the keeping of wild animals. 25.00 SOLD
My Wild Life Book Autobiography of circus legend, Jimmy Chipperfield. 12.00 1
No Bars Between Book Autobiography of a wild cat trainer. 15.00 SOLD
Norman Barrett: Ringmaster - My Life in Showbusiness Book With foreword by Ken Dodd and introduction by Peter Jay. 135.00 1
Old-Time Circus Cuts Book A pictorial archive of 202 illustrations. 12.00 SOLD
On the Road with Bertram Mills Book From big top press agent to Bertram Mills's Circus. 15.00 SOLD
The Pickle Family Circus Book Lavishly illustrated celebration of the famous circus family. 12.50 1
Pink Coat, Spangles and Sawdust Book Biography of Frank Foster. 25.00 SOLD
Poor Clown Book Autobiography of Charlie Rivel. 25.00 1
Practical Treatise on the Breaking & Training of Wild & Vicious Horses Book Very rare book from the 1800s. 60.00 5
Puppets Through America Book The author takes his peepshow across America. 9.00 1
Red Wagon Book A story of the tober. 8.50 1
A Ring, A Horse, And A Clown Book An eight generation history of the Hannefords. 25.00 SOLD
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 117th Edition Souvenir Program & Magazine Program Program to accompany Ringling Bros 117th consecutive season in 1987. 20.00 1
Sampson's Circus Book Two boys on a holiday join a circus. 4.00 100
The Sanger Story Book George Sanger Coleman's story of his life with his grandfather, Lord George Sanger. 25.00 SOLD
Sawdust in my Shoes Book An account of life in the circus. 30.00 SOLD
The Sawdust Ring Book A history of the circus. 15.00 1
A Seat at the Circus Book First edition of this book about the history and techniques of the circus. 15.49 1
A Seat at the Circus Book History and techniques of the circus. Revised edition. 25.00 1
Showmen and Suckers Book Circuses, fairgrounds, music halls, pantomimes, etc. 20.00 1
Sons of Sawdust Book With Paddy O'Flynn's Circus in western Ireland. 98.00 SOLD
The Six Aquilas Book A circus novel. 50.00 1
The Sound of Revelry Book Memoirs of Rupert Croft-Cooke, and his circus friends, the Rosarios. 16.00 1
Spinners of the Big Top Book The story of Billy Smart's circus. 29.50 SOLD
Tent Town Book Children's story of the travelling circus. 15.00 1
Thank You, I Prefer Lions Book Very rare circus book by Patricia Bourne. 48.00 SOLD
A Ticket to the Circus Book The stupendous story of the incredible Ringlings. 20.00 1
Tommy Handley Book Life of famous BBC radio comedian. 5.00 1
Two Hundred Years of the American Circus Book From Aba-Daba to the Zoppe-Zavatta Troupe. 15.00 1
NEW Umberto's Circus Book A circus novel. 12.00 1
Under the Big Top Book Life under the Big Top. 12.00 1
Villi the Clown Book Autobiography of William Campbell. 10.00 1
Wagon Wheels Book The romance of the circus 16.00 2
Wild Tigers & Tame Fleas Book Humorous account of circus life. 23.00 SOLD
Wings Book Backstage with Cirque du Soleil. 50.00 1
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