The Legend of Salt & Sauce: The Amazing Story of Britain's Most Famous Elephants
by Jamie Clubb with Jim Clubb
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ISBN Number: 187290436X
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 148
Publication Date: June 2008
Aardvark Publishing

The book tells the true story of Salt and Sauce, two Indian elephants, who arrived in Britain in 1902 and became involved in the live entertainment industry from the Music Hall scene to circus and finally Butlin's Holiday camp. This is the story of how the elephants became both feared and loved by some of the most famous people of their era, and how their story became mythical among the circus community. For the first time ever Jamie Clubb, aided by his father, famous wild animal trainer and circus/zoo historian, Jim Clubb, tell the complete and true account of their lives.

"Before I started it, I thought Jamie Clubb's book would interest circus enthusiasts but maybe not general readers. Now that I've sat up reading it into the past few nights, I have to say it's a compelling tale. The story of the elephants' lives and performing careers illustrates the many changes in circus performance and circus life during the twentieth century, and throws strong sidelights on general social history during that period. A book that brings history to life - simply and readably told, but conveying great detail. I believe it will appeal to everyone - I couldn't put it down!"
Chris Barltrop
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