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American Coasters: A Thrilling Photographic Ride
Thomas Crymes

RRP: 33.50
Our Price: 23.99
You Save: 9.51 

American Coasters 2: Coast to Coast
Thomas Crymes

RRP: 33.50
Our Price: 27
You Save: 6.50 

America's Top Roller Coasters & Amusement Parks
Pete Trabucco

Our Price: 28.70 

Amusement Park Rides 
Martin Easdown

RRP: 6.99
Our Price: 5.19
You Save: 1.80


Coasting Around the UK
Peter Andrews

RRP: 33.50
Our Price: 25.99
You Save: 7.51


Creating my own Nemesis
John Wardley

RRP: 9.99
Our Price: 6.99
You Save: 3.00


The Golden Age of Roller Coasters
David W. and Diane DeMali Francis

Our Price: 10.59 



rollcoastcover.jpg (13454 bytes) Roller Coaster
David Bennett

Our Price: 14.99

Deleted - Buy secondhand

The Roller Coaster Lover's Companion
Steven J. Urbanowicz

Our Price: 13.99

Deleted - Buy secondhand


Roller Coasters: Shake, Rattle and Roll
Robert Preedy

Our Price: 7.99 

Deleted - Buy secondhand

coasterhistory_cover.jpg (8654 bytes) Roller Coasters: Their Amazing History
Robert Preedy

Our Price: 7.99

Deleted - Buy secondhand

Roller Coasters: United States and Canada
Todd H Throgmorton

RRP: 52.95
Our Price: 39.95
You Save: 13.00

The Story of Australian Roller Coasters
Edwin Dickinson

Our Price: 40.00 



Up & Down: Wooden Rollercoasters in Europe
Ralph Latotzki

RRP: 29.01
Our Price: 26.95
You Save: 2.06

Out of print - Buy used


whiteknucklecover.jpg (15595 bytes) White Knuckle Ride
Mark Wyatt

Our Price: 7.99

Out of print - Buy used

Request for Spot Listing: The Scenic Railway Roller Coaster, Margate  
Nick Laister and David Page

Our Price: Free Download


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