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Title Author Subject Price Release Date
Aerialist Rebecca Truman The colourful life of a trapeze artist. £7.99 £7.50 Available now
The Age & Stage of George L Fox 1825-1877 Laurence Senelick Biography of the panto clown. £26.50 £18.50 Available now
All the Fonts of the Fair Joby Carter Lettering styles found at traditional British fairgrounds until the 1960s. £30 Available now
All the Fun of the Travelling Fair Reg Chandler A guide to the funfair industry. £14.95 £13.95 Available now
Alton Towers: Past & Present Michael Fisher The story of Alton Towers and gardens. £12.99 £10.99 Limited availability
Alum Bay and the Needles John C. Medland The history of Alum Bay, the Needles and the Needles Pleasure Park £5.95 Limited availability
The Amazing Hiram Maxim - An Intimate Biography Arthur Hawkey The great inventor and amusement park ride pioneer. £18.99 Limited availability
The American Circus: Wild, Weird and Wonderful 1901-1927 Mark Sloan Collection of vintage circus photographs. £32.00 £27.49 Available now
American Coasters: A Thrilling Photographic Ride Thomas Crymes A photographic journey across the USA. £33.50 £23.99 Available now
American Coasters 2: Coast to Coast Thomas Crymes A roller-coaster enthusiast’s journey across the United States. £33.50
Available now
America's Top Roller Coasters & Amusement Parks Pete Trabucco A guide for those who ride them and tips for those who fear them. £28.70 Available now
Amusement Machines Lynn F Pearson The history of slot machines. £4.99
Limited availability
Amusement Park Rides Martin Easdown History of famous amusement park rides. £6.99
Limited availability
Amusement Parks Jim Hillman The sights, smells and vitality of American amusement parks. £6.99
Available now
Amusement Parks of New Jersey Jim Futrell Comprehensive guide to 17 amusement parks. £16.99
Available now
Amusement Parks of New York Jim Futrell Guide to 16 amusement parks in the Empire State. £16.99 £10.29 Limited availability
Amusement Parks of Pennsylvania Jim Futrell Guide to the amusement parks of this US state. £16.99 £12.49 Available now
Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Jim Futrell Guide to the amusement parks of these US states. £16.99 £11.99 Limited availability
The Anderton and Rowland Photo Album Guy Belshaw A wide selection of images, predominantly in colour. £20.00 £19 Available now
Anderton & Rowland's: Illusion & Reality Kevin Scrivens & Stephen Smith The history of this famous amusement family. £20 Limited availability
Animals in Circuses and Zoos: Chiron's World? Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington The results of an 18 month investigation. £12.50 Available now
Arcades and Slot Machines Paul Braithwaite A-Z of British slot machine manufacturers and history of amusement arcades. £12 Available now
Arcade Treasures Bill Kurtz Guide to slot machines from the past. £32.50 £29.95 Available now
Barnstaple Charter Fair Martin Burridge The history of the fair and its characters. £15.00 £14.00 Available now
Battersea Fun Fair 1951-1974 Robert Preedy and Nick Laister The history of 'the capital's playground'. £10.99 Available now
Beached Margin Jez Conolly The role and representation of the seaside resort in British films. £9.99 Available now
Beach Huts Karen Averby Beach huts in all their variety. £8.99
Available now
Beach Huts and Bathing Machines Kathryn Ferry Celebrating the fascinating beach hut. £5.99
Available now
Behind the Scenes: Eastern States Exposition Bob Goldsack Behind the scenes at The Big E, West Springfield, Mass. £13.99 Available now
Belle Vue Jill Cronin and Frank Rhodes Pictorial history of Belle Vue amusement park and zoo, Manchester £12.99
Available now
Belle Vue: Manchester's Playground Heather Stackhouse and Daniel Hyams Belle Vue brought to life in pictures. £6.99 Limited availability
The Belle Vue Story Robert Nicholls The history of Belle Vue amusement park and zoo, Manchester £5.50 Available now
Belper's Fairground Heritage Neil Calladine Detailed history with colour and black & white photographs. £14 Available now
Beside the Seaside Joseph Connolly An affectionate tribute to the British seaside and seaside funfairs. £10.99 Limited availability
The Billy Butlin Story Sir Billy Butlin The story of the charismatic Holiday Camp King. £7.99 Limited availability
Billy Smart's Circus David Jamieson A pictorial history. £20 Limited availability
The Birmingham Onion Fair Ned Williams The history of this famous Midlands fair. £9.99
Limited availability
Birnbeck Pier: A Short History Stan Terrell The history of Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare £3.50
Limited availability
Black Country Cinemas Ned Williams Every cinema that has operated in the area. £25.00
Limited availability
Black Country Theatres Ned Williams Every theatre that has operated in the area. £25.00
Available now
Blackgang Chine: Journey into Imagination Joanne Thornton History of this famous Isle of Wight theme park. £12.95 Available now
Blackpool Illuminations: The Greatest Free Show On Earth Vanessa Toulmin The story of Blackpool's famous illuminations. £28.50 Available now
Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A Century of Fun Peter Bennett The full illustrated history of one of the world's greatest amusement parks. £14.99 Limited availability
Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A Hundred Years of Fun Peter Bennett The colourful history of Blackpool Pleasure Beach told in words and pictures. £4.99 Limited availability
Blackpool Pleasure Beach: More Than Just an Amusement Park Vanessa Toulmin The story of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. £25 Available now
Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A Palette of Life Julia Midgley Blackpool Pleasure Beach captured by the park's Artist in Residence, Julia Midgley.  £6.99 Limited availability
Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Unrivalled Excellence - Hot Ice Peter Bennett The story of Blackpool Pleasure Beach's acclaimed Hot Ice Shows. £6.99 Available now
Blackpool's Seaside Heritage Allan Brodie and Matthew Whitfield The history of Blackpool's most famous buildings. £14.99
Available now
Blackpool Then & Now John Burke Old and new photographs of Blackpool. £14.99
Limited availability
Bradshaw at the Seaside John Christopher & Campbell McCutcheon Britain's Victorian resorts. £14.99
Available now
Bridgwater St Matthew's Fair Guy Belshaw The history of this famous fair. £12.95 Available now
The British Seaside Stuart Hylton An illustrated history. £14.99
Available now
British Seaside Piers Anthony Wills and Tim Phillips Guide to all surviving British piers. £25.00
Limited availability
British Seaside Piers Chris Mawson and Richard Riding Rare aerial photographs showcase piers. £19.99
Limited availability
British Wall of Death 1929 - 1939 Ann Wright & Alan Mercer The first 10 years of Charles More's show.
Available now
Butlin's: 80 Years of Fun! Sylvia Endacott and Shirley Lewis Nostalgic selection of images. £12.99
Available now
California Theme Parks Alex Miller and Bryce Walker More than 300 colour photographs. £16.95
Available now
Canobie Lake Park Douglas W Seed and Katherine Khalife The history of this New Hampshire landmark. £4.96 Limited availability
Carnival Philip W Scher The formation of a Caribbean transnation. £49.50
Available now
The Carnival Stage Jose L Suarez Vicentine Comedy within the Serio-Comic Mode £18.50 Available now
Carousel Animals: Artistry in Motion Tobin Fraley The history of carousels and merry-go-round horses £22.50 Limited availability
Carters Jungle Thriller: The Lost Ark Kevin Scrivens and Stephen Smith The story of the Carter's Steam Fair Ark. £6 Available now
Carters Steam Fair Anna Carter and Adrian G Shaw Photographs of a season with Britain's premier vintage funfair. £5 Available now
Cascade Park Anita Devivo Pennsylvania amusement park. £14.16
Available now
Cedar Point David W and Diane DeMali Francis The history of the world's largest amusement park. £14.59
Limited availability
A Century of Big Eli Wheels Roger A. Deem The history of big wheels £16.80 Limited availability
Charlie and his Fairground Adventures Kay Townsend Three bedtime stories about a fairground lorry. £3.99
Limited availability
Charlie Cairoli: 39 Years Under The Tower Nigel Male and Steven Richley The official biography of Charlie Cairoli. £39.99
Limited availability
Cheapjack Philip Allingham The true story of a fortune-teller, grafter, knocker-worker... £12.99
Available now
Chicken Joe: The Man You All Know Christopher Ketchell The story of a famous showman of the past. £3 Available now
Chippewa Lake Park David W and Diane DeMali Francis Vintage images and captivating history. £14.91
Available now
The Circus Age Janet M Davis Culture & Society under the American Big Top £13.95 Available now
The Circus and Victorian Society Brenda Assael Pioneering study of the circus. £31.50
Limited availability
Circus Dictionary Geoff Stevens Over 1,000 circus terms defined. £14.00 Available now
Circus Posters David Jamieson and Malcolm Clay 250 posters from the archive of the Circus Friends Association. £30.00
Available now
Circus Press Agent Gene Plowden The life and times of Roland Butler £12.50
Available now
Circus Transport 1950-1970 Henk van den Berg Circus transport in hundreds of colour photographs. £29.99 Limited availability
Circus Transport 1950-1970 Volume 2 Henk van den Berg Circus transport in hundreds of colour photographs. £29.99 Limited availability
Circus Transport Photographs Volume 2 David Jamieson Circus transport 1900-2002. £12.50 Available now
Circus Transport Photographs Volume 3 Adrian Corti Over 250 photographs. £14 Available now
Cliff Railways, Lifts and Funiculars Martin Easdown All the principal cliff lifts and railways in the British Isles. £14.99 £13.99 Available now
The Clown King Gareth HH Davies Popular entertainment 1840-1860 £14.95 Available now
Clown Paintings Diane Keaton 65 compelling circus clown portraits. £25 Available now
Clowns of Blackpool Tower Circus David Jamieson Celebrating the clowns of the world's most beautiful circus building. £3.50 Available now
Clowns of the 20th Century! David Jamieson Photographs of 100 Years of Circus Clowns. £14 Limited availability
Coasting Around the UK Peter Andrews Roller coasters of the United Kingdom. £33.50 £25.99 Available now
Coney Island: 40 Years Harvey Stein Coney Island 1970-2010. £39.95 £36.95 Available now
Coney Island: The People's Playground Michael Immerso History of New York's Coney Island. £13.95 Available now
Coney Island Professor Solomon The story of this legendary New York funspot. £11.99 Available now
Coney Island Harvey Stein Evocative and colourful photographs. £14.95 Available now
Confessions of a Showman: My Life in the Circus Gerry Cottle Memoirs of Britain's greatest circus impresario. £8.50 Available now
Confessions of a Showman: My Life in the Circus (Hardback) Gerry Cottle Memoirs of Britain's greatest circus impresario. £16.99 £9.99 Limited availability
Conneaut Lake Park Michael E Costello The evolution of this historic amusement park. £14.59 £11.99 Available now
Cooke's: Britain's Greatest Circus Dynasty Stuart McMillan The Scottish history of this long-running circus. £25.00 £20.00 Available now
Creating my own Nemesis John Wardley The autobiography of the man who designed Alton Towers' big rides, and brought the theme park to Britain. £9.99 £6.99 Available now
Crystal Memories Rose Ann Jankowiak-Hirsch 101 years of fun at Crystal Beach Park. £21 Available now
The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs Steve McCarthy & Mick Gilbert The story of the world's first prehistoric sculptures. £6.95 Available now
The Crystal Palace is on Fire Alison Edwards and Keith Wyncoll Memories of the 30th November 1936. £4.95 Available now
Cypress Gardens Mary M Flekke, Sarah E MacDonald and Randall M MacDonald The history of Florida's first theme park. £8.69 Available now
Dan Baker's Travels 1931 and 1932 Phyl Ralton From a showman's letters to his daughter. £5.80 Available now
Danter's Travels 1952-2012 Steve Perry A history of the Danter transport. £14.99 Limited availability
David Wallis's African Adventure David Wallis Showmen on an epic tour of Southern Africa. £6.95 Available now
A Deakin & Sons Modern Amusements Bill Treen & Robert Deakin Recollections of the famous Welsh fairground firm. £20 Limited availability
The Demise of the Rotunda Amusement Park, Folkestone Martin Easdown and Linda Sage The park's final years documented in photographs. £5.99 Limited availability
Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre Guidebook 2018 David Wallis (Foreword) Guide to this collection of fairground memnorabilia. £5 Limited availability
Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre - Illustrated Guide David Wallis (Foreword) Guide to a unique working fairground museum. £3 Limited availability
DodgemsKay TownsendWhere did they come from and who made them?£15.00 Limited availability
The Dome of Memories (Second Edition) Mick Sharp The Spanish City Pleasure Buildings and fairground 1906-2018. £10.00 Available now
The Dome of Memories Mick SharpThe history of the Spanish City Fairground and Dome. £12.99 Limited availability
Dorney Park Wally Ely and Bob Ott The history of Dorney Park brought to life in old pictures. £11.99 Available now
Dorney Park: 15 Historic Postcards Wally Ely and Bob Ott Collection of vintage-photograph postcards. £5.30 £4.79 Available now
Drayton Manor: Memories of a Family Fun Park Fred Bromwich The history of Drayton Manor theme park. £6.99 Limited availability 
Dreamland Remembered Nick Evans Celebrating Margate's famous amusement park. £15.99 Limited availability
Dreamland Revived Nick Evans Celebrating Margate's famous amusement park. £44.99 Limited availability 
Dreamlands Rob Ball Colour and archive photographs of the amusement park. £24.00 £22.00 Available now
Early Amusement Parks of Orange County Richard Harris A window on past amusement parks in the Los Angeles area. £13.56 £10.99 Available now
Early Los Angeles County Attractions Cory and Sarah Stargel More than 200 vintage postcard images. £13.56 £10.50 Available now
The Electric Scenic Railway Kevin Scrivens & Stephen Smith The history of this great travelling fairground ride. £20 Available now
Elephant Story Les Harding Jumbo and PT Barnum under the Big Top. £18.50 Limited availability
The Elephant Who Walked to Manchester David Barnaby An elephant's journey from a travelling menagerie to Belle Vue Zoo. £6 Available now
The Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games Bill Kurtz A look at the world of arcade video games. £32.50 £31.99 Available now
Endangered Species William Usher Biography of a kid born and raised on the American carnival. £4.99 Limited availability
England's Seaside Resorts Allan Brodie and Gary Winter An insight into England's favourite holiday destinations. £24.99 Limited availability
The English Pleasure Garden Sarah Jane Downing The glorious days of the Pleasure Gardens of Britain. £5.99 Available now
The English Seaside Peter Williams Celebration of the spirit of the English seaside. £14.99
Available now
The English Seaside John Hannavy Victorian and Edwardian resorts in picture postcards. £9.99 Available now
Extraordinary Exhibitions Ricky Jay The wonderful characters found on the fairground, stage, etc. £29.99 Limited availability
Fairfield Folk Frances Brown A history of the British fairground and its people. £24.99 £23.49 Limited availability
A Fair Fight Dr Vanessa Toulmin Illustrated review of boxing on the British fairground. £12.95 Limited availability
Fairground Album Malcolm Slater Photos and information about various rides. £6.50 Limited availability
Fairground and Circus Transport Miller & Vanderveen Chronicles vehicles, marques and types used in 'showland' over the years. £10.95 Available now
Fairground Art Weedon & Ward Reprint of the all-time classic fairground book. £27 Limited availability
Fairground Attraction John Comino-James Photographic journey into the world of the travelling showman. £30 Available now
Fairground Destiny Frances Brown The story of the Rowland family. £25.00 £23 Available now
The Fairground Heritage Centre David Wallis (foreword) Guide to the rides and artefacts on display. £3 Limited availability
The Fairground Organ Eric V Cockayne Its music, mechanism and history. £20 Available now
Fairground Photographs and Notes George Kilvington Images of the fairground from 1935 to 1947. £10 Available now
Fairground Photographs and Notes Philip Bradley Images of the fairground from January 1932 to December 1938. £12 Available now
Fairgrounds at War 1938-1945 Kay Townsend What happened to fairgrounds during World War II  £19.99 £19.50 Limited availability
Fairground Strollers and Showfolk Frances Brown A history of the Freeman-Biddall family of fairground travellers. £19.95 Limited availability
Fairground Transport of the 1980s Dick Furniss Containing almost 300 captioned photographs. £13.99 £11.99 Limited availability
A Fair Lane Volume 1 Mark Middleton The early years of Harry Wigfield. £4.95 Available now
A Fair Lane Volume 2 Mark Middleton The travels of Armroyd Lane Amusement Caterers. £4.95 Available now
Fairs & Circuses in the Black Country Ned Williams The story of travelling entertainment in the Black Country. £9.99 Limited availability
The Fairs of Dundee Ian McGraw The story of Dundee Fairs over eight centuries. £5 Limited availability
Fall of the Big Top David Lewis Hammarstrom The vanishing American circus. £44.50 £39.49 Available now
The Famous Thurstons: An Illustrated History Kevin Scrivens and Stephen Smith History of famous fairground family. £20 Available now
Fashionable Folkestone Martin Easdown The golden age of a seaside resort. £14.99 £11.99 Available now
Ferris Wheels: An Illustrated History Norman Anderson The history of this famous amusement park ride. £28.50 Limited availability
Flattie Jean Stirling Memories of a reluctant traveller. £11.99 £10.99 Available now
Florida Theme Parks: A Guide Alex Miller Guide to the main Florida theme parks. £16.95 £13.49 Available now
Forest Park Highlands Doug Garner St Louis's amusement park in pictures. £8.69 Available now
Forgotten Yarmouth Entertainments Gareth HH Davies Reflections of popular culture in a 19th Century seaside resort.  £9.95 Available now
Four Swallows and Two Elephants Ned Williams Exploring the hidden biographies of local personalities from the entertainment world. £13.50 £12.50 Available now
Freedomland Robert McLaughlin and Frank R Adamo United States-themed amusement park. £14.59 £11.99 Available now
From a Saint to a King Alec Price The History of Park Hall, Charnock Richard £5.95 Available now
From Fanfare to Funfair John Clifford Culine MBE A travelling family's journey from Victorian theatre to 1940s fairground. £14.50 £13.50 Available now
From Lamp to Laser: The Story of the Blackpool Illuminations Terry Regan and Andrew Hazlehurst A celebration of 125 years of lights in Blackpool. £14.99
Available now
Frost Fairs on the Frozen Thames Nicholas Reed A detailed look at pictures of these fairs. £9.95 Limited availability
Frost Fairs to Funfairs Allan Ford and Nick Corble A nostalgic journey through the history of fairs. £14.99 £13.99 Available now
Funfairs at Fleet Phyllis Ralton A study of fairgrounds at Fleet, Hampshire. £5 Limited availability
Fun is our Business: The Story of Barry's Amusements James Fairley The story of this famous Irish amusement park and travelling fairground firm. £16.99 Limited availability
Gallopers Michael Smith et al A survey of surviving sets of galloping horses. £20 Available now
The Ghost Train: An Illustrated History Guy Belshaw Inside the spooky world of the ghost train. £15.00 £13.99 Limited availability
Giffords Circus: The First Ten Years Nell Gifford Behind the scenes of Giffords Circus. £25.00 £19.99 Available now
Girl Show AW Stencell Girl shows at the travelling fairground. £12.99 Limited availability
Glen Echo Park: A Story of Survival Richard Cook and Deborah Lange A photo history of the legendary amusement park. £29.99 Available now
The Golden Age of Roller Coasters David W. and Diane DeMali Francis The golden age of American roller coasters in vintage postcards. £10.59 Limited availability
The Grand Pier Weston-super-Mare Sharon  Poole The history of this outstanding example of a seaside pier. £10.71 Available now
Gravesend: The Home of Coney Island Eric J. Ierardi A fascinating journey to America's famous playground. £13.69 Available now
Greens for Caterpillars Tommy Green The story of Greens' Caterpillar roundabouts. £12.95 Available now
Greens for Caterpillars Part Two Tommy Green Second part of the story of Greens' Caterpillars. £15.00 £14 Available now
Greetings from Bertrand Island Amusement Park Martin and Laura Kane Return to one of New Jersey's most beloved attractions. £15.25 £12.99 Available now
Hancocks of the West Kevin Scrivens & Stephen Smith The story of this West Country fair. £15 Available now
Heart of England Fairs Vanessa Toulmin, Graham Downie, Julie Campbell and Ian Trowell Magnificent collection of photographs of the fairs of the Midlands through the camera of Jack Leeson. £9.99 Limited availability
Hengler's Grand Cirque Volume One 1780-1887 Stuart McMillan The premier equestrian circus company in Victorian Britain. £30 Available now
Hengler's Grand Cirque Volume Two 1887-1924 Stuart McMillan The premier equestrian circus company in Victorian Britain. £30 Available now
The Herberts of Dorchester and their Steam Kay Townsend Story of the well-known West Country show family. £8.50 Available now
Heritage Postcards: Seaside Holidays English Heritage 24 full-size postcards in a book. £6.99 Available now
Hersheypark Pamela Cassidy Whitenack The history of this famous US park. £13.56 £10.50 Available now
Hersheypark: 15 Historic Postcards Pamela Cassidy Whitenack Collection of vintage-photograph postcards. £5.42 £4.79 Available now
Historic Fairground Scenes Michael E Ware The British fairground in old photographs. £9.99 Limited availability
A History of Fairground Transport Allan Ford & Nick Corble From horses to artics. £14.99 £13.99 Available now
The History of New Brighton Tower and Grounds Roy Dutton The history of what was the tallest building in the land and its amusement park. £29.99 £26.99 Available now
A History of the Johnny J Jones Exposition Bob Goldsack History of this much-loved American travelling fair. £14.99 Available now
Holiday Camps Kathryn Ferry A celebration of British holiday camps. £5.99 £4.39 Available now
Holiday World Pat Koch and Jane Ammeson History of the former Santa Claus Land £14.91 £11.99 Available now
The Hoppings Paul Lanagan Newcastle's Town Moor fair. £11.99 £11.79 Limited availability
Houghton Feast - The Ancient Festival of Houghton-le-Spring Paul Lanagan A pictorial history of over 200 photographs of Houghton Feast. £9.99 Limited availability
Hull Fair - Fun for All Dr Vanessa Toulmin Pictorial history of Europe's largest fun fair of the 20th Century. £12.95 Available now
Idlewild Jeffrey S Croushore The story of one of America's most beautiful theme parks. £9.99 Available now
The Incomparable Testot Introduced by Edwin A Davies Selections from a 19th Century Magician's Paragraph Book £8.95 Available now
Indian Trail and Edgemont Amusement Parks Sean and Johanna S Billings The history of two legendary amusement parks. £9.99 Available now
I Never Went to Clown College Frank Cain Ramblings, recollections and reflections of a circus clown. £14.99 Available now
Inside the Live Reptile Tent Brouws/Caron The twilight world of the carnival midway. £19.99 Limited availability
Introducing the Circus David Jamieson An introduction to Britain's greatest invention. £5 Limited availability
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts Keith Nichols More tails of the fairground showman. £11.99 Limited availability
The James E Strates Shows Bob Goldsack A pictorial history of this American railroad carnival. £19.99 Limited availability
James Newsome's Grand Circus Stuart McMillan The story of this famous circus. £30 Available now
Jay's Journal of Anomalies Ricky Jay A history of bizarre entertainments. £15.95 Available now
John Carter's Jubilee Steam Gallopers Paul Braithwaite History of John Carter's Jubilee Steam Gallopers 1895-1995 £7 Available now
Jump On, Jump On Brian Steptoe Full colour book devoted to old-time rides, sideshows and the showmen that operate them. £10.00 Limited availability
Just For Fun! Jimmy Johnson's Playland Park Ed Gaida A history of Playland amusement park. £24.95 Available now
The Ken Fox Hellriders Gary Margerum A journey with the wall of death. £14.99 £12.49 Limited availability
Kennywood David P Hahner The history of America's finest traditional amusement park. £9.99 Available now
Kiddie Parks of the Adirondacks Rose Ann Hirsch Children's parks in the USA. £13.56 £9.99 Available now
The Killing of Lord George Karl Shaw The murder of Hall by the Sea founder. £20.00 £18.95 Available now
King Pole No 123 Extra: 1950s British Circus Programmes David Jamieson A golden period of this exciting form of entertainment. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 159 Extra: Water Spectacles in the Circus Don Stacey Aqua shows around the world. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 174 Extra: British TV Circuses David Jamieson An album of 100 photographs. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 180 Extra: Maurice Carre David Jamieson My circus life in two hemispheres. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 184 Extra: Yasmine - My Horses and Me Yasmine Smart The life and career of Yasmine Smart. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 190 Extra: Peter Featherstone David Jamieson 50 years in circus administration. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 195 Extra: In the Big Cage David Jamieson A photographic history of circus wild animal shows. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 199 Extra: Lord John Sanger's Circus Mark Twitchett A national institution. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 204 Extra: The Changing Circus David Jamieson Spanning the 80+ years since the Circus Friends Association was formed. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 209 Extra: The Cage Acts of Billy Smart's Circus Jim Clubb Study of wild animal acts from an animal trainer's point of view. £6 Available now 
King Pole No 215 Extra: Reco Bros Circus Malcolm Clay and Mark Twitchett From the research of Malcolm Clay. £6 Available now 
King Pole Extra No 218: Circus Performers Mark Twitchett and Steven B Richley Celebrating 250 years of the Circus. £6 Available now.
King Pole Extra: The Ringmaster's Ringmaster Steven B Richley and Mark Twitchett The Life and Times of Norman Barrett. £8 Available now 
Kirkcaldy Links Market Carol McNeill The history of this famous Scottish funfair. £8.99 Limited availability
Knott's Berry Farm: The Early Years Jay Jennings The early history of Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park. £14.91 £12.99 Available now
Kursaal Memories: A History of Southend's Amusement Park Ken Crowe The story of the south of England's biggest amusement park. £11.99
Available now
Lake Compounce Lynda J Russell The park’s long history. £13.56 £10.50 Available now
Lake Quinsigamond and White City Amusement Park Michael Perna Jr Experience the attractions of long-ago summers. £9.99 Available now
Lakewood Park The Guinan Family The history of this beloved park. £14.59
Available now
Lancashire's Seaside Piers Martin Easdown Blackpool, Fleetwood, Lytham, Morecambe... £12.99
Available now
The Last Edwardian Jester Colin Dale Mr Harry Dale and his musical family. £15.00
Limited availability
The Last Sideshow Hanspeter Schneider A compelling portrait of the last surviving sideshow 'Freaks' and the community they founded in Gibsontown, Florida, USA. £19.99 Available now
Laugh Your Troubles Away: The Complete History of Riverview Park Derek Gee & Ralph Lopez The story of Chicago's largest and best known amusement park. £24.50 Available now
Legends: Pioneers of the Amusement Park Industry, Volume One Tim O'Brien 10 people who were instrumental in shaping the 20th Century fun park landscape. £11.99 Available now
The Legend of Salt & Sauce Jamie Clubb with Jim Clubb The amazing story of Britain's most famous elephants. £20 Available now
The Life of a Showman David Prince Miller Based on the 1856 second edition. £45.95
Available now
The Life of a Showman John Eva The story of John Eva's lifetime on the fairs. £7.50 Available now
Lighthouses Lynn F Pearson The history of these great structures. £5.99 Available now
Lincoln Park Remembered Joseph Thomas, Marsha McCabe et al Memories of this New England amusement park from 1894 to 1987. £15 Limited availability
Live Like a Lord Bob Preedy James Corrigan and the Batley Variety Club £6.99 Limited Availability
Looking Back at Belle Vue Robert Nicholls The history of Belle Vue amusement park, Manchester, told with stunning photographs. £7.50 Limited Availability
Lost Wonderland Stephen R Wilk The brief life of Boston's amusement park. £20.95
Available now
Louisa's Fairground Life and Beyond Louisa M Prestney Story of life in the travelling fair. £9.99
Available now
Maryland's Amusement Parks Jason Rhodes A glimpse of nearly three dozen amusement parks. £13.56
Available now
The Mayor from the Fair John Culine The story of the well-known showman. £11.95
Available now
Mazes and Labyrinths Adrian Fisher Their history and a guide to mazes in the UK. £5.99 Available now
Men at Work: The fairground artists and artisans of Orton & Spooner Alan S. Howell A new book about fairground ride builders Orton & Spooner and fairground artists the AS Howells. £19.99

Limited availability
Miniature Railways Michael Crofts The myriad different types of miniature railways in Britain. £4.99 Available now
Monorails of the World David Voice A history of passenger monorails. £25.00
Available now
Mont Blancs and Airways Kevin Scrivens & Stephen Smith A survey of all known examples of these rides with photos £10 Available now
Moonrocket: The Thriller of the Thirties Kevin Scrivens, Michael Smith, Stephen Smith History of the Moonrocket ride. £10.00
Available now
More Variety Days Frank Bruce/Archie Foley Collection of vivid show business reminiscences and histories. £10.99 Limited availability
Mountain Park Jay Ducharme One of the most beloved amusement parks in New England. £9 Available now
Mr Warwick's Revolving Towers Martin Easdown and Linda Sage The story of a failed seaside attraction. £7.99 Limited availability
My Great British Pier Trip Chris Foote Wood 66 seaside piers in 21 days. £6.50 Available now
Myrtle Beach Pavilion Lesta Sue Hardee and Janice McDonald From its early days to its heyday. £14.59
Available now
My Travelling Family Eleanor Green The story of the Mitchell fairground family. £12.95 Available now
The New American Circus Ernest Albrecht Authoritative study for the armchair reader and circus fan. £19.95 Available now
Northern Fairgrounds in Photographs Bernard Mitchell A reflection on over 40 years of fairground enthusiasm. £14.95
Available now
Ohio's Amusement Parks David W. and Diane DeMali Francis In over 200 vintage postcards. £9.99 Available now
Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight Introduction by Martin Parr The John Hinde Butlin's Photographs £24.95 Limited availability
Pablo Fanque and the Victorian Circus Gareth HH Davies Story of the first black circus proprietor. £10.95 Available now
Palace on Wheels, A Paul Braithwaite A history of travelling showmen's living wagons. £20 Limited availability
Palisades Amusement Park: A Century of Fond Memories Vince Gargiulo Recreate the thrills, laughter and joy that was Palisades. £14.99 Available now
Palisades Amusement Park Vince Gargiulo Cherished memories of this much-loved amusement park. £10.99 Available now
Pennies by the Sea: The Life and Times of Joyland Amusements, Bridlington Nick Laister The history of Joyland, Bridlington. £13.99 Available now
The People's Palaces Lynn F. Pearson Britain's seaside pleasure buildings. £16.95 Limited availability
The Perfect Playground Pat Scott, Alison Edwards and Eileen Pulfer Childhood Memories of the Crystal Palace £4.50 Available now 
The Pickle Clowns Joel Schechter New American circus comedy £15.50 Available now 
A Pictorial History of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus Bob Goldsack History of this famous American circus £19.99 Limited availability
Piers and Other Seaside Architecture Lynn F. Pearson Britain's colourful seaside architecture. £5.99 Available now 
Playbox Book of the Theatre David Jamieson Children's introduction to the theatre. £3.99 Available now
Playland Kathryn W Burke An inviting look at the historic amusement park. £13.26
Available now
Pleasureland Memories Stephen Copnall The history of Southport's amusement park. £12.99
Available now
Pleasurelands Vanessa Toulmin An insight into the world of the fair. £10 Limited availability
Pocket Belle Vue: Manchester's Playground Heather Stackhouse and Daniel Hyams A celebration of the history of Belle Vue, Manchester. £6.99 Limited availability
Poole's Myriorama Hudson John Powell Travelling panoramas and diorams. £15 Limited availability
Porter County Lakes and Resorts Larry G Eggleston The development of the resorts, including water chute. £10.99 Available now
A Portfolio of American Carnival Vintage Photos Bob Goldsack Photographs of American travelling fairs. £14.99 Available now
The Posters of Bertram Mills' Circus Steven B Richley Featuring over 260 posters and other ephemera. £39.95 Limited availability
The Posters of Billy Smart's Circus Steven B Richley The story of this famous circus via its amazing artwork. £39.95 Limited availability
Proctors Fairs Through Two World Wars Albert Proctor A book about Proctors Fairs. £9.99
Available now
Pull On - Today's Showmen's Transport Dan Grantham Modern-day fairground transport images. £7.50
Available now
Quassy Amusement Park Ron Gustafson A history of this US park. £9.99 Available now
Randall Williams - King of Showmen Vanessa Toulmin From ghost show to bioscope. £6.95 Limited availability
Remembering Benson's Wild Animal Farm Bob Goldsack The history of this fun park in Hudson, New Hampshire. £9.99 Limited availability
Request for Spot Listing: The Scenic Railway Roller Coaster, Dreamland, Margate Nick Laister and David Page The submission to the UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport which resulted in the first ever listed amusement park ride. Free download Available now
Restoring the Glen Echo Park Carousel Deborah Lange Beautiful book on the restoration of this historic ride. £32.50 Available now
Rhode Island Amusement Parks Rob Lewis and Ryan Young A journey to discover the amusement parks of the past. £10.49 Available now
Riding on Rainbows: Blackpool Pleasure Beach and its Place in British Popular Culture John K Walton The first critical history of a major amusement park. £15.99 Available now
Riding the Wall of Death Allan Ford & Nick Corble The first comprehensive history of this show. £14.99 Available now
Ringling: the Florida Years David C Weeks Study of circus giant John Ringling. £36.50 Available now
Ringlingville USA Jerry Apps The Stupendous Story of Seven Siblings and Their Stunning Circus Success. £17.50 Available now
Riverview Amusement Park Dolores Haugh The story of the world's biggest amusement park. £9.99 Available now
Riverview: Gone But Not Forgotten 1904-1967 Chuck Wlodarczyk A complete photo-history book of this famous amusement park. £12.99 Available now
Rochester's Lakeside Resorts and Amusement Parks Donovan A. Shilling Over 200 photographs of the amusements and attractions. £10.49 Available now
Rock Springs Park Joseph A Comm The many tales of the magic of Rock Springs Park. £14.91
Available now
Rocky Point Park David Bettencourt and Stephanie Chauvin A nostalgic look back at one of Rhode Island’s most beloved destinations. £14.59
Available now
The Rodeo Switchback Kevin Scrivens and Stephen Smith History of the famous ride, currently at Dingles. £5.00 Available now
Roller Coaster David Bennett The definitive work on the subject. £14.99 Limited availability
The Roller Coaster Lover's Companion Steven J. Urbanowicz The ultimate roller coaster guide. £13.99 Limited availability
Roller Coasters: Their Amazing History Robert Preedy The history of roller coasters in the UK. £7.99 Limited availability
Roller Coasters: Shake, Rattle and Roll Robert Preedy The second book on the history of roller coasters in the UK. £7.99 Limited availability
Roller Coasters: United States and Canada Todd H Throgmorton Guide to the roller coasters of America and Canada, including their histories. £52.95
Available now 
Roundabout People Brian Steptoe The artistry and culture of traditional roundabout rides in the UK. £10 Limited availability
Roundabout Relics John Barker English fairground carved animals from the 1870s to the 1930s. £26 Limited availability 
Rubin & Cherry Chris Audibert The history of this American Exposition. £14.99 Available now
Sampson's Circus Howard Spring Two boys on a holiday join a circus. £4 Available now
San Francisco's Playland at the Beach: The Early Years James R Smith The definitive history of this landmark amusement park. £18.50 £14.99 Available now
San Francisco's Playland at the Beach: The Golden Years James R Smith The sequel to The Early Years. £14.27 £12.29 Available now
Santa's Village Phillip L Wenz Reminisce about Santa’s Village through the years. £14.91 £11.99 Available now
Savin Rock Amusement Park Edith Reynolds Lost amusement park in postcards. £8.80 Available now
Scammell: The Load Movers from Watford Nick Georgano Illustrated history of Scammell. £26.95 Available now
Scary Dark Rides Doug Higley The story of dark rides. £11.95 Limited availability
Seaside Holidays in the Past Allan Brodie, et al Stunning photography book. £17.99 Available now
Seaside Hotels Karen Averby Britain's grand seaside hotels. £8.99 £7.99 Available now
Secrets of the Sideshows Joe Nickell History of American fairground sideshows. £18.95 Limited availability
Seeing is Believing AW Stencell The history of midway attractions in America £17.99 Limited availability
Serendipity: A Journey with Joe Larter Joe Larter The life and times of the man who created Pleasurewood Hills. £9.95 £7.95 Available now
Seventy Years a Showman 'Lord' George Sanger The amzing story of 'Britain's Barnum'. £10.99 £10.50 Available now
Showfolk: An Oral History of a Fairground Dynasty Frank Bruce The story of  Frank Codona and his family. £10.99 £10.79 Available now
The Showman's Forgotten Scammells Kay Townsend The 45 Ton Chain Drive. £13.95 Limited availability
Showmen: The Voice of Travelling Fair People Sally Festing The lives of showpeople in modern Britain. £14.95 Available now
The Showmen of Castleford Mark Middleton The story of three fairground families. £3.95 Available now
Showmen's Engines at War Kay Townsend Threshing, haulage and demolition. £15 Limited availability
The Showmen's War Michael Smith, Stephen Smith, Kevin Scrivens Travelling showmen in the Great War. £5 Available now
Sidney Harrison: His Life and Times with Burrell, Fowler & Scammell Ian Hall The story of the Scammell Showtrac's sole agent. £18 Available now
Signwriting Tips, Tricks and Inspiration Joby carter and Scarlett Rickard Guide to  traditional signwriting and fairground art. £25 Available now
Silver Sands and Golden Memories Daryl T Schlender The history of Silver Beach Amusement Park. £16.99 Available now
Sir Robert Fossett's Circus: The Definitive Visual History Mark Twitchett and Steven B Richley The exciting story of England's oldest circus. £39.95 Limited availability
Six Flags Great Adventure Harry Applegate and Thomas Benton Revisit some of the park’s past attractions. £14.91 £12.99 Available now
Six Flags Great Adventure: 15 Historic Postcards Harry Applegate and Thomas Benton Collection of vintage photograph postcards. £5.42 £4.79 Available now
Six Flags Over Georgia Tim Hollis Revisit this classic park and its rides. £8.69 Available now
Skegness Past John Cowpe Skegness in old photographs. £12.99 Available now
Somersaults and Somer-not! Johnny Hutch My early life in variety and circus. £5.50 Available now
Smoke and Mirrors: The Haunted House of Alton Towers Michael P Eley The story of this ground-breaking dark ride. £12.99 £8.99 Limited availability
The Spanish City Keith Armstrong In words and pictures. £5 Limited availability
The Spirit of Carnival David K Danow Magic realism and the grotesque £15.10 Limited availability
Springlake Amusement Park Douglas Loudenback The ups and downs of this fondly remembered park. £14.16 £12.99 Available now
Stamford Fairs and Markets Keith Hansell The origins of the Mid-Lent Pleasure Fair. £14.95 Available now
Steam Yachts Kevin Scrivens & Stephen Smith The history of the 20 Steam Yachts that travelled Britain. £15 Available now
Stewart Waghorn - Circus Illustrations Stewart Waghorn 75 precise and detailed circus pictures. £14 Available now
Story Land Jim Miller The history of this childhood theme park. £14.59
Available now
Story Land: 15 Historic Postcards Jim Miller Collection of vintage photograph postcards. £5.30
Available now
The Story of Australian Roller Coasters Edwin Dickinson 127 years of madness, sadness and scintillating thrills! £40 Available now
Story of Harris's Fun Fairs, The Ken Page A detailed history of this showland family. £20.00
Limited availability
Studts of South Wales Kevin Scrivens and Stephen Smith The remarkable history of a fairground family. £20.00
Available now
The Summer City by the Sea Emil R Salvini Cape May, New Jersey: an illustrated history. £17.95 Available now
Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens Chris Helme Images and memories of this West Yorkshire attraction. £12.99 Available now
Sun, Fun and Crowds: Seaside Holidays Between the Wars Steven Braggs and Diane Harris An exploration of the British seaside holiday told with photographs and publicity material. £10.99 Temporarily out of stock
Swings Paul Braithwaite The only published work on these early rides. £4.50 Available now
Tales from the Towers Nick Sim The unofficial story behind Alton Towers, Britain's most popular theme park £13.99
Available now
Tavistock Goose Fair Guy Belshaw The story of this popular Devon fair. £12.95 Available now
Teignmouth Pier: A Pictorial History Viv Wilson The history of this amusement pier. £11.99 Available now
Theme Park Scott A Lukas A historical roller coaster ride through theme park history. £16.95
Limited availability
Theme Park Insider Guide to Alton Towers 2009 Rory Sweeney Unofficial guide to the UK's number one theme park. £5.99 Limited availability
They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There Keith Nichols True tales of a travelling showman £12 Available now
Things to Do In Theme Park Queues Scott Wegener How to stop the boredom of theme park queuing. £6.20 Available now
Thomas Ord: Circus Proprietor Stuart McMillan Scotland's greatest equestrian. £15 Available now
Thomas Walker: Builder of Steam Roundabouts Graham Downie & Dr John Middlemiss Comprehensive history of the ride builder. £21 Limited availability
Tony Spurrett, Travelling Showman Tony Spurrett, John Comino-James (Ed) An account of the life of showman Tony Spurrett. £5 Limited availability
Townsends: A Showman's Story Kay Townsend Have you ever wondered how a fairground family came to be? £15 Limited availability
Tracking the Thrills Devin Olson A guide to North America's roller coaster thrill parks. £20 Available now
Traction Engines and Other Steam Road Engines Derek Rayner Informative book about all types of steam road engines. £4.50 Available now
Traveller's Tale: the Making of a Fairground Showman David Slattery-Christy The story of respected master showman, Walter Edward Reginald Pratley. £14.99
Available now
The Travelling Cinematograph Show Kevin Scrivens and Stephen Smith The advent of moving pictures in Britain on the fairgrounds. £20 Available now
The Travelling Fair: Fairground Transport in Britain Malcolm Slater Photographic account of fairground transport in Britain. £16.95 Available now
Trucks in Britain Vol. 2: Fairground Transport Malcolm Slater The varied types of commercial vehicle in showland use. £8.95 Available now
Two Glasgow Street Performers Stuart McMillan A short history of two Irish entertainers in Victorian times £10.00 Available now
Two Hundred Years of the American Circus Tom Ogden Large format circus encyclopaedia. £35.50 Limited availability
Up & Down: Wooden Rollercoasters in Europe Ralph Latotzki Every wooden roller coaster in Europe . £29.01
Limited availability
Victorian Arena Volume One John Turner A dictionary of British circus biography. £17 Limited availability
Victorian Arena Volume Two John Turner A dictionary of British circus biography. £17 Limited availability
Vintage Fairground Transport Brian Steptoe The best examples of showmen's transport. £6 Limited availability
Vintage Funfairs Brian Steptoe Amusement rides, carousels and fairground art. £26 Limited availability
Voices from the Fairground Gina Bridgeland (Ed) Interviews with showpeople. £6 Available now
Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs Herbert Jüttemann Their construction, makers and products. £29.95 Available now 
Walking over the Waves Chris Foote Wood The history of all 56 surviving British piers. £16.99 Available now 
The Wall of Death Ann Wright Todd and Souter Families 1929-1960s £19.95 Available now 
Wanted, A Few Useful People for the Ghost Business Pauline Gashinski The Story of Victorian Showman Randall Williams £12.64 Available now 
Weeki Wachee Springs Maryan Pelland and Dan Pelland 60 years of history. £9.99 Available now 
We Had So Much Pleasure Doris Wall (nee Baker) My life on the fairground. £6.75 Limited availability 
White Socks and a Walking Stick Kathryn Nedd The life of Albert Barnes - manager of Rhyl's fairgrounds. £10.00
Available now  
White Knuckle Ride Mark Wyatt Illustrated guide to the world's best thrill rides. £7.99 Limited availability
T. Whitelegg & Sons' Cavalcade of Shows Guy Belshaw The history of this famous fairground firm. £15 Limited availability
Whitley Bay Eric Hollerton Fascinating collection of photographs of the seaside resort and the Spanish City amusement park. £10.99 Limited availability
William Davies: The Story of a Pioneer Roundabout Proprietor Kavin Scrivens & Stephen Smith The story of the Davies Family from Stoke on Trent. £12.00
Available now
William Haggar: Fairground Film Maker Peter Yorke Popular fairground entertainment of 100 years ago. £9.99 Available now
Willow Grove Park Old York Road Historical Society The rich history of this well-known amusement park. £10.99 Available now
The Working Scammell Showtrac Barry Brown The Showtracs at work. £12 Limited availability
World of Mirth Shows Bob Goldsack The history of the largest midway on Earth, an American travelling fair. £19.99 Limited availability
Yorkshire's Seaside Piers Martin Easdown Scarborough, Redcar, Saltburn, etc £12.99
Available now
You Can't Wear Out an Indian Scout Allan Ford and Nick Corble Indians and the Wall of Death £19.99
Available now
Zippos Book of the Circus David Jamieson Children's introduction to the circus. £3.99 Limited availability

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