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by Harold Bonnett

ISBN Number: 0 85263 738 1
Format: Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: Shire Publications Ltd
Date: 1985
Price: 11.50
Number in stock: 1

By today's standards the steam engine, the principal power behind the industrial revolution, was often a noisy, dirty and rather crude machine to handle. Yet the men who operated them can scarcely be called merely 'drivers'. They had to be skilled in nursing the steam pressure of the engine, coax the heavy machines up hills and exercise the greatest care to avoid downhill runaways. These men worked very long and hard hours, but they worked with machines they loved and cared for; machines that bring a thrill of excitement to people today. This book brings together an informative text and a selection of illustrations to portray something of the spirit of the steam age which existed before diesel and petrol drove these giants from our roads and their skilled operators with them.

Condition: Very good.

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