by Gary Radice
: Added August 2005
The Gullywhumper (Mike Fink Keel Boat), Disneyland 1992

OK, I admit...I didn't know who Mike Fink is or indeed was but it was his name that drew me to this attraction.

He was apparently 'King of the Sea'.

The ride, once on it, seemed to last ages if themagiceye remembers correctly...

The ride opened in December 1955 and closed in 1994 only to be put back into service in 1996 on 'The Rivers of America' until 1997...

If themagiceye remembers correctly from cyberspace some time back, this very boat (The Gullywhumper) 'keeled' over...(pardon the pun, I'm sure nobody was laughing at the time) and hasn't reopened since.

Skyway and Matterhorn, Disneyland 1992

Now we are talking CLASSICS here!

The Matterhorn rates as the best coaster anywhere by themagiceye's standards and thankfully it still operates today.

It originally opened in 1959 and was revamped in 1978 when abominable snowmen were added.

What can themagiceye say about the Skyway?

Well, on the day this picture was shot, Mr and Mrs magiceye were left stranded for about ten minutes when it ground to a halt...Who cares?...It added to the fun!

Sadly, the Skyway lasted up until late 1994 when it finally closed.

The tunnel you see to the right passing through the Matterhorn was converted into a 'Glacier Grotto'. To this day it stands as a tribute to a man named Frank Wells who tragically died in a helicopter crash in 1994.

Mr. Wells, a keen and accomplished mountaineer, was the president of The Walt Disney Company.

The Sky Jump, Knotts Berry Farm 1992

No queues on the day themagiceye was at Knotts Berry Farm.

This ride has classic written all over it, even though it was based on Coney Island's version and lowered you down via use of a cable. It was a slower descent than expected but 10 out of 10 for unique/novelty/classicness.

The Soap Box Racers, Knotts Berry Farm 1992

Opened in 1980 and closed in 1996, The Soap Box Racers (revamped from The Cycle Chase that itself opened in 1976) provided thrills and the effect of great speed because you were so near to the ground.

Similar to Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Steeplechase ride (that opened in 1977 with horses as opposed to soap box carts), USA will sadly no longer see its like again.

It's just a pity that the photograph of the entrance below right is themagiceye's only picture of such a fantastic memory.

Panning for Gold, Knotts Berry Farm 1992

It wasn't busy the day we were there but the opportunity to pan for real gold for just an extra $2.50 was hard to resist...  :-)

I believe The GhostRider roller coaster station may now occupy this spot...



The Gullywhumper


Sky Jump

The entrance to the Soap Box Racers

Panning for Gold


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