Japanese Coaster Madness 

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Release Date: 2003
Exempt from classification
Region coding:
Not region coded
Running Time:
40 mins
Horse Creek Productions

Horse Creek Productions presents Japanese Coaster Madness. This import DVD was produced by CBS Japan in 1989 and features 12 of Japan's greatest roller coasters. This DVD had only previously been seen in Asia but is now available on high quality DVD worldwide.

You will get to see exclusive never-before-seen footage of some amazing Japanese roller coasters, such as the one time world's tallest roller coaster, Moonsault Scramble, or the famous, gigantic roller coaster, Bandit.

This program features 12 on board full 'point-of-view' rides, aerial shots, and exclusive tours of these amazing roller coasters. Some of these coasters cannot be seen anywhere except this DVD. If you can't make it overseas, then buy this DVD because it's almost as fun as being there!  

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