All the Fun of the Travelling Fair
by Reg Chandler
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ISBN Number: 9780956649409
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 102
Publication Date: 2010
Publisher: Be Different Books Ltd

A fascinating journey through the history, lives and stories of travelling fair folk. Additionally the book is well illustrated with photos of fairground rides, amusements stalls and many of the unique and ingenious vehicles used by travelling fairground operators.

Award winning DJ Reg Chandler decided to take the challenge of writing a book about a unique subject that has only been lightly touched within the publication world, and having already written a 8,000 word thesis many years ago about fairground life, for a diploma in project management, it has proved an interesting journey that has involved 18 months of research in order to add a further 20,000 words and re-visit the original version.

Having worked on a school friend’s family funfair during the holidays and weekends as a teenager, Reg has a great insight into the wonderful world of the travelling fair. Nevertheless, to put an adequate book together as a project required commitment, dedication, attention to detail and assistance from the professionals.

Advice and information has been generously provided by 44 individuals, 15 amusement related companies and organisations, and Reg also managed to converse with over 23 amusement providers and met up with two serving mayors, during his travels.

Reg and his team visited 19 funfairs around the UK, travelling 4,000 miles and participated in many fairground rides; they also consumed countless hot dogs and burgers between them and won 12 extra large cuddly toys and 4 coconuts.

Over a hundred cherished photographs of yesteryear have been kindly contributed by respected fairground photographers and enthusiasts, along with priceless illustrations and memoirs from the National Fairground Archive at Sheffield University.

The famous Stanley Thurston & Sons Ltd Funfair also features in the book, with their outstanding amusements and king of the road transport, spanning over 60 years.

The idea of the book is to provide information about how a fair operates and highlights 700 years or more of great British history. Other topics within the book include fairground artwork, UK famous fairs, fairground transport, popular rides, fairground history, sideshows and catering, steam rallies, fairground life and all that is 'All the fun of the fair'.

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