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Title Item Description Price No. in stock
1000 Clowns: More or Less Book Imagery and insightful text about the history of clowns. £16.00 1
American Circus Posters Book In full colour. £10.00 2
Animals in Circuses and Zoos Book The results of an 18 month investigation. £32.00 SOLD
NEW The Animals Came in One by One Book Humorous autobiography of a veterinarian. £3 1
Austen Brothers Circus Transport Book Transport photographs 1974 to 1988. £50 SOLD
Barnum's Own Story: The Autobiography of PT Barnum Book The true-life tale of a man of boundless imagination and indomitable energy. £20 1
Baudy: The Animal Man (Signed by Baudy) Book The Biography of Robert Baudy. Signed by Baudy. £74.00 1
Beasts & Circuses Book Reminiscences of show life. £10.00 SOLD
Behind My Greasepaint Book Autobiography of Coco the Clown. £15.00 2
The Bertram Mills Book of the Circus Book A wonderful look back at the days of the traditional circus. £10.00 SOLD
NEW Bertram Mills Circus Programme Book Circus programme - date unknown. £10.00 1
Bertram Mills Circus in Story and Pictures Book A history of Bertram Mills Circus. £39.00 1
Bertram Mills Circus: Its Story Book The story of Bertram Mills and the circus that bore his name. £20.00 SOLD
Bertram Mills Circus: Its Story (Paperback) Book The story of Bertram Mills and the circus that bore his name. £15.00 1
Bertram Mills: The Circus that Travelled by Train Book A pictorial celebration of 'The Quality Show'. £54.00 1
Big Apple Circus Book The story of this unique circus. £12.00 1
Big Charlie Book The story of Elephant Bill. £25.00 1
The Big Top: My Forty Years with the Greatest Show on Earth Book The autobiography of Fred Branda. £20.00 2
Big Top Boss Book John Ringling North and the circus. £30.00 1
Billy Smart's Circus Book A pictorial history. £50.00 SOLD
Billy Smart's Circus: Sawdust, Spangles and Sensations Book Encyclopaedia of programmes, etc. £29.00 SOLD
Blackpool Tower Circus: A Pictorial History Book With 150 archive and colour photographs. £35.00 SOLD
NEW The Bobbsey Twins at the Circus Book 1950s novel for younger people based around a visit to the circus. £4.00 1
The Book of Clowns Book Superb, large colour book. £25.00 SOLD
NEW Bread and Circuses Book Circus fiction book. £5.00 1
Bring on the Clowns Book The history of clowns. £20.00 1
British Circus Life Book Life on the British circus after World War II £25.00 SOLD
Broken Hearted Clown Book Autobiography of a circus life. £20.00 1
Caravan Book Drawings and text by Edward Seago. £50.00 SOLD
Center Ring: The People of the Circus Book Personalities of the circus - published 1956. £15.00 1
The Children's Book of the Circus Book The true story of the sawdust ring. £10.00 1
The Children's Circus Book Book Children's compendium. £20.00 SOLD
Chipperfields Circus: An Illustrated History Book A fascinating record of the world-famous circus. £30.00 SOLD
Chipperfields Circus: An Illustrated History (David Jamieson Collection) Book A fascinating record of the world-famous circus. £35.00 SOLD
Chipperfield's Circus Book A writer travels with the circus. £20.00 SOLD
NEW The Christianis Book The humorous, dramatic and sometimes tragic moments in the lives of the Christiani family. £8 1
Circus Book A well illustrated history of the circus. £9.90 50
Circus Book Beautifully illustrated, collectable circus book in Dutch. £20.00 1
NEW Circus Book A novel based on the exciting BBC1 TV Serial by Doctor Who writers Pip and Jane Baker. £2.00 1
Circus 1870-1950 Book Very large book in carrying box. Detailed and colourful. £158.00 2
Circus 1870s-1950s Book The grit and glamour of the circus phenomenon. £38.00 1
Circusana Book A Guide Book for the Harry Hertzberg Circus Collection £15.00 SOLD
Circus and Allied Arts Book Rare encyclopaedia of the circus. £35.00 SOLD
Circus & Carnival Trucks 1923-2000 Book Vast photo collection of American circus and carnival (fairground) trucks. £21.00 1
Circus: A World History Book Large book packed with hundreds of photos. £20.00 SOLD
The Circus Book Book A series of essays and illustrations. £6.00 2
Circus! An Investigation into what makes the sawdust fly Book A light-hearted history of the circus. £18.00 1
Circus! A Spectacularly Colorful Display of the Wonders of the Big Top - Past and Present Book Circus anecdotes, colourful photos, faces behind the shows. £5.00 SOLD
REDUCED The Circus Comes to Town Book Ladybird Book from 1957. £15.00
The Circus Comes to Town: Nostalgia of Australian Big Tops Book Nostalgic pictorial record of Australia's circuses. £25.00 1
Circus Company Book Life on the road with the travelling show. £40.00 SOLD
Circus Days Book Over 100 b/w photos of life on the road with a travelling circus. £24.00 SOLD
Circus Days and Chimp Antics Book An account of circus and 'zoo' life. £20.00 SOLD
Circus Dictionary Book Over 1,000 circus terms defined. Hardback with dustjacket. £15.00 1
Circus Doctor Book True story of the animals of the Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey Circus. £5.00 1
Circus Dreams Book A photographic record of a spectacular circus event. £10.00 1
Circus Dreams (Hardback) Book A photographic record of a spectacular circus event. £11.00 1
NEW Circus Dreams: The Making of a Circus Artist Book The story of one person's quest to become a trapeze artist. £15.00 2
The Circus Has No Home Book The author's life with an English tenting circus. £25.00 1
Circus Krone Book Historical and contemporary images of the history of the circus. £100.00 1
Circus Lingo Book "Another book by the man who was in it". £12.00 SOLD
The Circus: Lure and Legend Book From the days of ancient Rome to the modern era. £20.00 1
Circus: Magie der Manege Book German book about traditional animal circuses. £27.00 1
The Circus Marches Book Circus novel with exquisite illustrations. £17.00 SOLD
REDUCED Circus: Men, Beasts and the Joys of the Road Book A day by day look at a travelling circus. £30.00
The Circus Moves by Rail Book A large collection of photographs, posters and text on circus transport. £45.00 SOLD
Circus Nights and Circus Days Book Extracts from the Diary of a Circus Man. £55.00 2
Circus Parade Book Illustrated from Old Prints and Pictures. £15.00 2
NEW Circus People Book Children's pop-up book based on Barnum and Bailey's Circus. £5.00 1
Circus Press Agent Book The life story of Roland Butler, King of Ballyhoo. £20.00 1
Circus Roncalli Book Story of a German legend. £20.00 1
Circus Trains, Trucks and Models Book Photographs, drawings, and descriptions of circus trains, models and scenery. £25.00 SOLD
Circus Transport Photographs 1950-1999 Book Over 200 black & white and colour photographs. £12.00 SOLD
Circus Transport Photographs Volume 2 1900-2002 Book Over 200 archive black & white and colour photos from Britain and the world. £10.00 1
Circus Transport Photographs Volume 3 Book Over 250 photos, compiled by Adrian Conti. £12.00 1
Circus Transport Volume 1 Book Illustrated account of post-war UK Circus vehicles. £30.00 1
NEW Circus Triumphant Book Story of Johnny Fossley, who became the world's youngest lion tamer. £8.00 1
NEW Circus World Book Circus fiction book. £1.50 1
NEW Circus World DVD Circus-based movie staring John Waynes. £5 1
A Circus Year Book Experiences of a circus clown. £9.00 1
Le Cirque D'Hiver Book Dive into the past of this mythical place. £80.00 1
Cirque du Soleil: 20 Years Under the Sun Book Published to celebrate twenty years of the international phenomenon. £32.00 1
Cirque du Soleil: Varekai DVD Circus show. £7.50 1
Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco DVD Circus show. £7.50 SOLD
Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco Video Circus show. £7.50 1
Cirque du Soleil: Dralion DVD Circus show. £7.50 1
Classical Circus Equitation Book The art of training horses for the circus and other displays. £20.00 SOLD
Clowning Through Book A wonderful insight to the world of the circus. £44.00 1
Clowns Book One of the most enjoyable and informative histories of clowns. £16.00 SOLD
Coco The Clown Book Autobiography of Coco the Clown. £22.00 1
Confessions of a Showman: My Life in Circus Book Memoirs of Britain's greatest circus impresario. £9.99 2
Costumes de Cirque Book The story of circus costumes. £16 SOLD
Cowboy Roping and Rope Tricks Book Introduction to cowboy roping and rope tricks. £5.00 19
Drawing at the Circus Book How to capture the circus on paper. £13.00 3
Dr Haze: Mud, Blood & Glitter (An Autobiography) Book The autobiography of the creator and ringmaster of The Circus of Horrors. £6.00 1
NEW Durov and his Performing Animals Book How the great Durov studied animal nature. £35.00 1
Dust, Dope and Sawdust Book The life story of Paul Carew. £85.00 1
NEW Elephant Bill Book A book about Colonel Williams who gained the confidence of elephants. £5.00 1
Empires, Hippodromes and Palaces Book The story of Frank Matcham theatres and the famous artistes that appeared in them. £5.00 1
The English Circus Book History of the English Circus from the 18th century. £10.00 SOLD
The English Circus and Fair Ground Book History and tradition of circus and fairs. £10.00 3
The Fabulous Showman Book The life and times of PT Barnum. £10.00 1
Facing the Big Cats (with dustjacket) Book Clyde Beatty's world of lions and tigers. £10.00 1
Facing the Big Cats Book Clyde Beatty's world of lions and tigers. £7.50 1
Fairs and Circuses Book A fascinating account, aimed at junior readers. £5.00 SOLD
Fairs, Circuses & Music Halls Book The sounds and savours of circus life. £12.00 2
NEW First Catch your Tiger Book Inside London Zoo's animal hospital. £3.00 1
First International Circus Arts Festival in Budapest Video A dazzling variety of top circus performers. £5.00 1
Freak Like Me Book Inside the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. £3.00 1
Fifty Years of Fun 1942-1992 Newspaper 24 pages of pictures and stories of Lincoln's South Common fair and circus. £20 1
Funambule Book The adventures of French high-wire artist. £10.00 1
Gerry Cottle's Circus, Winter 1974 (Signed by Gerry Cottle) Christmas Card Christmas card from painting by John Allin, signed by Gerry Cottle. £40.00 1
Gifford's Circus Book Behind the scenes of Giffords Circus. £15.00 1
The Golden Age of the Circus Book The history of the circus and its great performers. £19.00 2
The Great British Circus: Views of Martin Lacey Book The biography of circus owner Martin Lacey. £18.00 1
The Great Circus Parade Book Wisconsin's national treasure. £22.00 1
The Great Circus Street Parade Book 183 rare and unusual illustrations of circus parades. £15.00 1
Greatest Show on Earth Book The birth of circus in London. £20.00 1
The Greatest Show on Earth Book 60 years of circus posters. £20.00 SOLD
The Great Parade Book The book presents more than 175 works representing the circus in paintings, sculptures and photographs. £19.00 1
Here Comes the Circus Book The amazing story of the wonders of the circus world through the ages. £20.00 1
Here Keller - Train This Book The true story of a college professor who became a lion trainer. £13.00 1
High Endeavour Book The story of Jimmy, a lion tamer. £10.00 1
A History of the Circus Book Complete chronicle of circuses and circus lore - very rare. £45.00 SOLD
A History of the Circus in America Book From 1771 to the 1950s. £22.00 SOLD
The History of the Circus Book Interesting history of the circus. £8.00 1
Hold the Front Page and Send in the Clowns Book 40 years as a juggler, rope-spinner and clown. £10.00 1
Horse Dung Trail Book Saga of American circus. £20.00 1
How the Circus Works Book Behind the scenes at the Circus. £12.00 2
NEW Is it Cruel? Book A Study of the Condition of Captive and Performing Animals. £60.00 1
John Allin's Circus Life Book John Allin's vivid and authentic picture of the fast disappearing world of the circus. £25.00 1
John and Jennifer at the Circus Book Story of John and Jennifer's adventures when they go to the Circus. £8.00 1
REDUCED Josser Book Days and nights in the circus. £13.00
Juggling & Feats of Dexterity Book Circus performance arts and skills revealed. £5.00 1
Juggling for Fun and Entertainment Book Instructions on how to juggle, with illustrations. £7.00 1
Knie: die Geschichte einer Circus-Dynastie Book The German circus dynasty. £20.00 1
NEW The Last Great Wild Beast Show Book The failure of animal collections in British zoos and safari parks. £14.00 1
The Last Edwardian Jester Book Mr Harry Dale and his musical family. £32.00 SOLD
Leger's Circus Book Handwritten texts and illustrations. £30.00 2
Le Cirque Arlette Gruss Book Photographs of life at this famous circus. £30 1
Les Elephants au Cirque Book Book about elephants in the circus. £19 SOLD
Les Ours au Cirque Book Book about bears in the circus. £40 1
Les Menageries Foraines Tome 1: Facades et Parades Book One of only 100 copies published. Author David Jamieson's personal copy. £200.00 1
Les Menageries Foraines Tome 2: Facades et Parades Book One of only 100 copies published. Author David Jamieson's personal copy. £200.00 1
NEW Let's Start a Circus Book World's first book on how to create a circus in your garden. £25 1
Life's a Circus Book Reminiscences of Lady Eleanor Smith. £15.00 1
NEW Lions on the Lawn Book Mary Chipperfield's book on the creation of Longleat Safari Park. £5.00 2
REDUCED Love, Let Me Not Hunger Book Circus novel. £10.00
REDUCED The Love of the Circus Book History of the circus.  £15.00
Luke's Circus Book A novel about circus.  £25.00 SOLD
Magic 1400s - 1950s Book Celebrates more than 500 years of the world's greatest magicians. £150.00 1
Man on the Tightrope Book Circus novel. £15.00 SOLD
Mary-Jo's Elephant Book Circus-based fiction. £15.00 SOLD
NEW Master Showman Book Animal acts in travelling circuses. £25.00 1
Ma Vie - Mes Chevaux Book The life of famous circus horse performer Fredy Knie Jnr. £50.00 1
Memoirs of a Sword Swallower Book Autobiography of Dan Mannix. £12.00 1
Menageries, Circuses and Theatres Book Autobiography of EH Bostock. £100.00 SOLD
NEW Mr Galliano's Circus Book Enid Blyton's circus story. £25.00 1
Mud Show Book A circus season. £25.00 1
My Circus Life Book Life of a circus proprietor. £28.00 SOLD
My Father Owned a Circus Book The story of Gollmar brothers Circus. £28.00 SOLD
My Friends the Animals Book Autobiography of circus legend, Dick Chipperfield. £25.00 1
NEW My Life in a Man-Made Jungle Book Autobiography of the first female zoo director. £38.00 1
My Life with Animals Book Fascinating information on the keeping of wild animals. £25.00 SOLD
My Life with Lions Book Photo-led memoir of Martin Lacey. £33.00 SOLD
My Turn Next Book The autobiography of an animal trainer. £5.00 1
My Wild Life Book Autobiography of circus legend, Jimmy Chipperfield. £12.00 2
NEW My Wild Life (First American Edition) Book Autobiography of circus legend, Jimmy Chipperfield. £12.00 1
No Bars Between Book Autobiography of a wild cat trainer. £15.00 SOLD
Norman Barrett: Ringmaster - My Life in Showbusiness Book With foreword by Ken Dodd and introduction by Peter Jay. £135.00 SOLD
Old-Time Circus Cuts Book A pictorial archive of 202 illustrations. £12.00 SOLD
On the Road with Bertram Mills Book From big top press agent to Bertram Mills's Circus. £35.00 2
Paris en Piste Book The history of Paris's circuses. £10 1
Paul Daniels and the Story of Magic Book The history of magic shows. £8.00 1
NEW Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus DVD Classic 1938 circus movie. £2.00 1
The Pickle Family Circus Book Lavishly illustrated celebration of the famous circus family. £12.50 1
Pink Coat, Spangles and Sawdust Book Biography of Frank Foster. £25.00 SOLD
NEW Pferde im Roten Ring Book Horses in the red ring - in German language, with photos. £4.00 1
Poor Clown Book Autobiography of Charlie Rivel. £25.00 1
Practical Treatise on the Breaking & Training of Wild & Vicious Horses Book Very rare book from the 1800s. £60.00 5
Puppets Through America Book The author takes his peepshow across America. £9.00 1
Red Wagon Book A story of the tober. £8.50 1
A Ring, A Horse, And A Clown Book An eight generation history of the Hannefords. £25.00 SOLD
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 117th Edition Souvenir Program & Magazine Program Program to accompany Ringling Bros 117th consecutive season in 1987. £20.00 1
Ringlingville USA Book The stupendous story of seven siblings and their stunning circus success. £30.00 1
Sampson's Circus Book Two boys on a holiday join a circus. £4.00 100
The Sanger Story Book George Sanger Coleman's story of his life with his grandfather, Lord George Sanger. £25.00 SOLD
Sawdust and Spotlight Book The fascinating story behind the scenes of circus life. £30.00 1
Sawdust in my Shoes Book The story of a circus family; the Lennons. £30.00 1
Sawdust in my Shoes Book An account of life in the circus. £30.00 SOLD
The Sawdust Ring Book A history of the circus. £15.00 3
A Seat at the Circus Book First edition of this book about the history and techniques of the circus. £15.49 2
A Seat at the Circus Book History and techniques of the circus. Revised edition. £25.00 1
Seventy Years a Showman 1949 Edition Book The life story of 'Lord' George Sanger. £25.00 1
Seventy Years a Showman 1956 Edition Book The life story of 'Lord' George Sanger. £25.00 1
Seventy Years a Showman 1952 Edition Book The life story of 'Lord' George Sanger. £25.00 SOLD
Seventy Years a Showman (Fitzroy Edition) Book The life story of 'Lord' George Sanger. £25.00 SOLD
Seventy Years a Showman (1938 Edition) Book The life story of 'Lord' George Sanger. Revised edition. £22.00 SOLD
Showmen and Suckers Book Circuses, fairgrounds, music halls, pantomimes, etc. £20.00 1
Show Trains of the 20th Century Book Rare photographs presented by the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. £35.00 1
NEW Shrine Circus Tycoon PC CD-ROM Classic circus computer game. £10.00 1
The Six Aquilas Book A circus novel. £50.00 1
Sons of Sawdust Book With Paddy O'Flynn's Circus in western Ireland. £98.00 SOLD
The Sound of Revelry Book Memoirs of Rupert Croft-Cooke, and his circus friends, the Rosarios. £16.00 1
NEW The Soviet Circus Book Soviet circus artistes. £25.00 1
Spinners of the Big Top Book The story of Billy Smart's circus. £12 SOLD
Tents, Tigers and the Ringling Brothers Book The story of the young Ringling brothers. £15.00 1
Tent Town Book Children's story of the travelling circus. £15.00 1
Thank You, I Prefer Lions Book Very rare circus book by Patricia Bourne. £48.00 SOLD
A Ticket to the Circus Book The stupendous story of the incredible Ringlings. £20.00 1
Those Amazing Ringlings and their Circus Book The complete, authentic history of the Ringling Brothers Circus. £20.00 1
Tommy Handley Book Life of famous BBC radio comedian. £5.00 1
Trains of the Circus 1872-1956 Book Rare behind-the-scenes photographs. £45.00 1
Trunk Call Book Autobiography of circus elephant trainer. £5.00 1
Two Hundred Years of the American Circus Book From Aba-Daba to the Zoppe-Zavatta Troupe. £15.00 1
Umberto's Circus Book A circus novel. £12.00 1
NEW Under the Big Top DVD Classic circus-based movie. £5.00 1
Under the Big Top Book Life under the Big Top. £12.00 SOLD
Une vie de cirque Book The story of circus owner Jérome Medrano. £7.00 1
NEW Variete Ying and Yang DVD Spectacular Chinese circus show. £5.00 1
Véhicules & Convois de Cirque Volume 1 Book Book about French circus transport. £32.00 1
Véhicules & Convois de Cirque Volume 2 Book Book about French circus transport. £32.00 1
Véhicules & Convois de Cirque Volume 3 Book Book about French circus transport. £32.00 1
Victorian Arena: The Performers Book A dictionary of British circus biography, Vol 1. £20.00 1
Villi the Clown Book Autobiography of William Campbell. £10.00 1
NEW Wagon Wheels Book The romance of the circus £50.00 4
Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom on Ice Booklet Souvenir programme from 1987. £30.00 1
NEW The Ways of the Circus Book The memories and adventures of George Conklin. £25 1
NEW Wild Animal Man Book The life story of Reuben Castang - The Ape Man. £90 1
Wild Animals and their Secrets Book Autobiography of one of the best-known trainers of wild animals in the world. £7.00 1
Wild Circus Animals Book The memoirs of "the most famous animal trainer in the world". £10.00 1
Wild Tigers & Tame Fleas Book Humorous account of circus life. £23.00 SOLD
NEW William at the Circus DVD 1948 circus-based movie. £2 1
Willingly to School Book How animals are taught. £4 1
Wings Book Backstage with Cirque du Soleil. £50.00 1
Zingaro 25 Ans Book Celebrating 25 years of equestrian ballets of exceptional splendour! £65.00 1
NEW Zippos Book of the Circus Book Children's introduction to the circus. £15.00 3
Zoo: A History of Zoological Gardens in the West Book The story of our interest in collecting, classifying and dominating nature. £11.00 1
NEW A Zoo on Wheels Book Bostock and Wombwell's Menagerie £20.00 1
NEW Zoo Search in Ceylon Book Collecting wild animals for a zoo. £5.00 1
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