Amusement Park Rides 
by Martin Easdown
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ISBN Number: 9780747811541
Number of Pages: 56
Publication Date: 10 July 2012
Publisher: Shire Publications

The rollercoaster is usually the main attraction of any amusement or theme park, and this book outlines the history of these fascinating structures. From the first mass-produced rollercoaster, the Switchback Railway, through to the giant wooden coasters of the inter-war period, the author uses historic postcards and photographs to chart their development and that of other amusement rides including revolving towers, aerial rides, Ferris wheels and water chutes, all of which were produced from the late Victorian era in myriad forms. Essential to the very existence of such amusement venues as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Southend's Kursaal and Margate's Dreamland, these much-loved rides are not so far removed from their modern-day equivalents as they might at first appear.


I: Early Rollercoasters and Switchback Railways
II: Gathering Momentum–Figure Eight and Scenic Railways
III: Aerial Rides
IV: Water Chutes, Slides and Other Rides
V: The Great Coasters of the Inter-war Period and their Legacy
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About the author

Martin Easdown is a seaside historian and Archivist of the National Piers Society who is an acknowledged expert on the history of piers and other seaside amusements and architecture. He is a published author of over thirty books on piers, seaside and local history and has regularly contributed to television and radio programmes.

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