Arcades and Slot Machines
A Preview

The penny arcade is alive and well. This is almost entirely due to the efforts of enthusiasts who have collected and restored original machines. There are now a number of both travelling and static arcades where an old penny can still buy amusement.

The coin operated machines show what the butler saw, tell fortunes, grab prizes, test your skill, run races and are ready to pay you when games are won!

The manufacture of mechanical slot machines was perhaps most innovative and productive from the 1920s to 1950s. Anyone collecting examples of such a period will have a fair representation of the penny machine business. The present day punter can relive this time-proven enjoyment by a visit to a vintage arcade.

Vintage machines can still be bought at relatively modest outlay by collectors. This book, therefore, aims to focus on amusement machines of the period mentioned and gives a guide to relevant manufacturers and their products. Older machines are covered back to the advent of coin freed gaming machines a century ago.

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Machines are only useful if there are places to operate them. Railway stations and seaside piers have been such places. The development of a distinct breed of accommodation known as arcades is examined. Nowadays we may add the vintage arcades, operated by John Hayward, John Morley, Pete Williamson, Clive Baker, Steve Hunt and Dave Hooper besides, of course, Carter's Steam Fair and the museums.


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