Greetings from Bertrand Island Amusement Park
by Martin and Laura Kane
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ISBN Number: 0738504688
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April 2001

In an age before jets, air-conditioning, and superhighways, Lake Hopatcong was a major northeast resort. It lay within easy reach of large cities to the east, and its size and setting at over nine hundred feet above sea level made it a perfect holiday destination. From the late nineteenth century through World War II, more than 40 lake hotels and rooming houses welcomed thousands of vacationers each year. After the war, the lake continued to be a popular spot for renting a bungalow or buying a summer cottage. But for many, Lake Hopatcong will always be remembered as the home of Bertrand Island Park.

Although Bertrand Island Park closed in 1983, there is no place in northwestern New Jersey that is more fondly remembered. For some 70 years, the park thrilled youngsters and adults alike. The park opened during the peak of Lake Hopatcong's resort years, and its popularity continued as the lake evolved from a hotel resort to a community of second homes and finally into a year-round locale. Generations of school groups, church outings, company picnics, and residents from throughout the region delighted in the wooden roller coaster, the magical carousel, and the scores of other rides and games.

About the author

Authors Martin and Laura Kane have compiled over two hundred photographs from the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum's extensive archives and numerous private collections. Relive the days when big bands, beauty pageants, Nickel Nights, Kiddieland, and the boardwalk brought thousands each day to Bertrand Island Park. Return to one of New Jersey's most beloved attractions in Greetings From Bertrand Island Amusement Park.

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