Circus Posters: 250 Posters from the Archive of the Circus Friends Association
by David Jamieson and Malcolm Clay
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ISBN Number: 9781872904467
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 2010
Publisher: Aardvark Publishing

A4 – full colour throughout – 250 colour illustrations – 128pp – colour paper case

Every week, a travelling circus arrives in a new town. Its advance publicity team has just a few weeks to tell people about the show - the venue, dates, times, prices, how good it is - and to persuade them to book tickets. Colourful posters have consistently been the main way of publicising the show.

This book contains 250 posters from 170 years of circus in Britain:

• the 19th century, from Astley and Ducrow to the Sangers
• the early 20th century - Broncho Bill, the Great Carmo, Chapman, and the Quality Show, Bertram Mills Circus
• Permanent circuses at Blackpool Tower and Great Yarmouth Hippodrome
• Circuses in halls and on the stage
• the boom after World War Two, leading to the rise of Chipperfields and Billy Smart, circuses to rival Bertram Mills - the “Big Three” of the 1950s and 60s
• the long-established Sir Robert Fossett’s - and the growth of Robert Brothers’ Circus
• the rise of a new generation of proprietors in the 1970s - Gerry Cottle, the Austen Brothers, the Mack family’s Circus Hoffman and Gandey’s
• in the 21st century, Zippos has developed its own style and the European Entertainment Corporation tours the Moscow and Chinese State Circuses with great success.

All these circuses and many others are included in this book, providing a feast of inspired and exciting artwork as well as indicating how circuses and circus posters have changed.

About the authors

David Jamieson is the editor of King Pole, published by the Circus Friends Association, and the author of several circus books.

Malcolm Clay was the archivist of the Circus Friends Association, and also secretary of the Association of Circus Proprietors.

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