Stewart Waghorn - Circus Illustrations
by Stewart Waghorn

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ISBN Number: 9781872904412
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 72
Publication Date: September 2008
Publisher: Aardvark Publishing

75 precise and detailed circus pictures drawn and painted by Stewart Waghorn RCA.

"Astounding" - "Unique" - "Fascinating"

"The book is unique. It contains hundreds of beautiful colour drawings from the world of circus. the book takes its place without discussion among the 10 best in international circus literature.

"All kinds of artists, animals [not big cats], tools, wagons and tents have been drawn from living models. Not only horses but also their plumes and richly decorated leather harness. Not only the elephants but also their elegant harness and pedestal in the utmost detail..."
Bjorn Vinberg, Swedish Circus Academy

"I showed some friends the fantastic book of Stewart Waghorn's circus illustrations...they were so fascinated they wanted their own copies...

"Next year at the big meeting of circus fans in Germany, we will show everyone this great book..."
Bastian Mertens, Germany

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