Elephant Story: Jumbo and PT Barnum Under the Big Top
by Les Harding
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ISBN Number: 978-0786406326
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Publication Date: 1999
McFarland & Company

The newspapers called him "Overshadowing Monarch Mastodon", "Behemoth of Holy Writ", and "Prodigious Mountain". He was the main event at the greatest show on earth - Jumbo, at six and a half tons and 12 feet tall, the biggest elephant anyone had ever seen. Jumbo's mere presence in the Barnum, Bailey and Hutchinson circus guaranteed an additional 3000 dollars a day in box office receipts. More of an exhibit than a performer, Jumbo was simply paraded around the three rings. But still the people came, just to marvel at the size of this monster pachyderm.

This work traces Jumbo's capture in East Africa, his life in London Zoo, the controversy over his sale for 10,000 dollars to American showman P.T. Barnum, his journey across the Atlantic, his life as the most famous attraction in Barnum's circus, and his tragic death in a railway accident in Canada in 1885.

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