Endangered Species
by William T Usher
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ISBN Number: 1-880545-06-3
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Midway Publications

The biography of a kid, born and raised in the carnival business, who relates some funny and interesting stories about a talker and a geek, gaffed-up freaks, croaked games, rip-offs, raids by the police, 'Hey Rubes', a three hundred pound gorilla who thought a carnie strip-tease dancer was his mother, a sex-wise orang-utan plus much, much more!

A rollicking, real life story of carnival life that moves from the 1920s through to the 1960s.

William 'Fats' Usher tells it like it was, from his early years to the present, via a series of bawdy, mischievous, humorous, heart-warming, revealing and sometimes risqué stories of life on the midway!

A reading must for anyone who ever worked on or visited a carnival midway.

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