Funfairs at Fleet
Phyllis J Ralton
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Phyllis Ralton

In this book, local author Phyl Ralton uses original research and people's memories to show which fairs came to Fleet, and the rides and engines that were used.  Photographs, some previously unpublished, have been chosen to illustrate this aspect of Fleet's history.

The first part of this book describes William Irvin's fair that ran at Reading Road South throughout the First World War.  The second part surveys visiting funfairs, most often the Matthews and Wall families, and the grounds they used.  The old police station, the new police station, Birch Avenue, Woodlands, and Woodman Court are all built on old fairgrounds.  Reading Road Wharf, Oakley Park and The Views Meadow have been used for fairs and are still open spaces.  There are also notes about many visiting showmen, and the rides and engines they used at Fleet.

This will appeal to Fleet residents who want to know more of the history of their town and to people with an interest in steam engines and showmen.

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