John Carter's Jubilee Steam Gallopers
A Preview

The galloper ride was introduced as a novelty to the fairgrounds of the 1880s and has been a popular and delightful feature up to the present time.

These roundabouts have been built to many sizes and designs but always tailored to the specific order of an individual customer to meet their pocket and intended use. Perhaps most numerous were small sized sets with a limited amount of decor that were intended to be travelled from village to village. Locally based showfolk with their rides would be eagerly awaited by fairtime revellers for year after year.

Most of the rides that the Victorians and Edwardians enjoyed have been forgotten and now await rediscovery by historians. It is fortunate that a few gallopers (about seventy sets) have survived and none more so than those in the hands of men like the late John Carter who valued his machine to an extraordinary degree. All who see it can appreciate the care not only in its preservation but also in providing patrons with opportunities to use it as the makers intended. It is a small size, or "village", set.

This history and guide to the ride has provided what is undoubtedly the story typical of the many rides that have remained in workmanlike obscurity. As such it is of equal importance to stories of glamorous sets that attended well-publicised, major fairs.

This book is beautifully illustrated throughout.


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