The History of New Brighton Tower and Grounds
by Roy Dutton
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ISBN Number: 978-0992826543     
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 378
Publication Date: 2017
Publisher: Infodial Ltd

One of the most important structures ever built in Victorian Britain, the tallest building in the land, it stood at 567 feet.

The Tower had been constructed in record time. It towered over the greatest port in the land, a beacon to the shipping that sailed in and out of the River Mersey. 

The Tower Theatre, sited between the legs of the tower, could accommodate an audience of 2,500, while the ballroom the largest in the North could entertain another 1000 couples dancing the night away. Its Pleasure Grounds featured a roller coaster, gallopers, waltzer, helter skelter, big wheel, chairlift and much more, and this book includes the full story illustrated with wonderful photographs.

Taking a walk down memory lane, and chronicling many of the famous faces that have trodden the boards including the Beatles that appeared 27 times.​


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