Jay's Journal of Anomalies
Ricky Jay

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ISBN Number: 1593720009
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
November 2003
The Quantuck Lane Press

This is a history of bizarre entertainments:

"We learn about armless calligraphers, mathematical dogs, and tightrope-walking fleas, as well as a lesser-known laundry list of assorted quacks, flimflammers, and charlatans of spectacle." (Entertainments Weekly).

Author and actor Ricky Jay gathers four years of his quarterly Jay's Journal of Anomalies into a single volume of the same name. The book focuses on unusual entertainment and sideshows, including side-show showmen, conjurers, cheats, hustlers, hoaxters, imposters, pretenders, armless calligraphers, mechanical marvels and popular entertainments. A New York Times "Notable Book".

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