The Killing of Lord George
by Karl Shaw  
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ISBN Number: 9781785788468     
Format: Hardback with dustjacket
Number of Pages: 304
Publication Date: 01/09/2022
Publisher: Icon Books

'A riveting read … a dark story of murder and deceit with verve and insight'
John Woolf, author of The Wonders


On 28 November 1911 a retired showman died violently at his home in North London. Known to the world as Lord George Sanger, he was once the biggest name in show business, and was venerated as a national institution. He was co-founder of what would become Dreamland in Margate - Hall by the Sea.

The death of Britain's wealthiest showman read like a popular crime thriller: a merciless killer; a famous victim; sensational media headlines; a desperate manhunt laced with police incompetencies and a dramatic denouement few could have anticipated. But for over a century, questions have persisted about the murder.

Weaving in the story of George's rise to fame and the history of Britain's entertainment industry, The Killing of Lord George uses previously unpublished archive material to reconstruct the events leading up to the death and reveal the true story behind the brutal crime that shocked Edwardian England.

Karl Shaw is an author and journalist. His previous books include Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, Abject Quizzery and The First Showman. He lives in North Staffordshire.

Karl Shaw's enjoyable book takes us into the often tawdry sawdust rings of Victorian showmanship … compelling.
Literary Review

Karl Shaw has delivered a riveting read, weaving together the extraordinary biography of George Sanger – Britain's answer to PT Barnum – alongside the Edwardian investigation into his tragic and violent demise. With twists and turns along the way, and providing a unique insight into Victorian and Edwardian Britain, Shaw takes us into a dark story of murder and deceit with verve and insight backed with thorough research.
John Woolf, author of The Wonders: Lifting the Curtain on the Freak Show, Circus and Victorian Age

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