King Pole No 123 Extra: 1950s British Circus Programmes
by David Jamieson

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ISBN Number: NA
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 31
Publication Date: March 1999
Publisher: The Circus Friends Association of Great Britain

The first King Pole Extra presents a selection of British circus programmes of the 1950s, a golden period of this exciting form of entertainment, when Britain had three big touring shows and major winter seasons at Olympia, Haringay, Belle Vue, Kelvin Hall and elsewhere. In these and most of the smaller shows, there was an emphasis on traditional skills, including bareback riding, a British speciality which is sadly no longer ubiquitous in our circus rings. In terms of transport, tents and equipment, there have been great technological advances, however with better vehicles, more comfortable living wagons, ambitious lighting and sound systems, plastic big tops and power winches to aid their erection, compared to life in the 50s, with ex-army transport, more basic living conditions and canvas tents which became heavy when wet.


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