King Pole 190 Extra: Peter Featherstone - 50 Years in Circus Administration
David Jamieson

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ISBN Number: NA
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 30
Publication Date: September 2012
Publisher: The Circus Friends Association of Great Britain

Based on the talk given at the 2012 CFA AGM Social by Peter Featherstone about his interest in circus which has lasted over 60 years, and illustrated by items chosen by Malcolm Clay from the CFA Archive - programmes, posters, handouts and photos of the circuses that Peter had seen from the 1940s.

Peter Featherstone has enjoyed a remarkable career in the British circus, for 50 years. He has been connected with:

  • Joe Gandley's Circus
  • Sir Robert Fossett's Circus
  • Harlow Playhouse Circus
  • Austen Brothers Circus
  • Continental Circus Berlin
  • Circus Olympus
  • The Moscow State Circus
  • Cottle & Austen Circus
  • Chinese State Circus



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