Lincoln Park Remembered 1894-1987
edited by Joseph D Thomas, Marsha McCabe et al
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ISBN Number: 0932027490
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January 1999
Spinner Publications

New Englanders remember Lincoln Park in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts as a thrilling amusement park and a vibrant meeting place that served them for nearly 100 years. But it was so much more. From the clambake pavilion, to the roller-skating rink, to the sounds of the big bands in the great ballroom, Lincoln Park was a magical part of many lives. Friends met here. Romance blossomed here. Kids got their first jobs here. Today the memories are so vivid that a sound, a smell, a taste can bring back the magic and return us to a time when the world was young and Lincoln Park was our great adventure.

The story of Lincoln Park - its creation, development, heyday and demise - is a unique example of Americana. Its existence, and its loss, is typical of a greater nationwide trend that saw the dissolution of small amusement parks. Lincoln Park Remembered is a journey back to those unforgettable days and an important reminder of its value.

Lincoln Park Remembered contains hundreds of black & white and colour photographs and scores of personal memories spanning nearly 100 years. The authors have presented the park's history in a documentary style - artfully portraying its creation and development - combined with the drama and romance that marked its legendary life. Remember the great wooden roller coaster, the carousels, Kiddie Land, clam cakes and clam bakes, dancing, bowling, skating, the Fun House and the Penny Arcade. Remember Lincoln Park: "For the time of your life."

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