Mazes and Labyrinths
by Adrian Fisher

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ISBN Number: 074780561X
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 56
Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: Shire

Mazes and labyrinths in various forms have been a preoccupation of mankind for thousands of years. Maze designs have been carved on rocks, laid as mosaics and stone pavements, cut into turf, planted with bushes, and carved out of seasonal crops. This book traces the history of mazes worldwide from the earliest known examples, and then describes those which have been created in Britain's gardens, parks and landscape. Britain's diversity in forms of maze and labyrinth construction is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Includes the mirror mazes of Wookey Hole and Longleat House, and hedge mazes at attractions such as Wonderland Family Park (Bournemouth), Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Legoland (Windsor). Includes details of mazes open to the public.

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