Ohio's Amusement Parks
David W. and Diane DeMali Francis
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ISBN Number: 0738519979
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September 2002
Arcadia Publishing

By 1912, there were 54 amusement parks in Ohio. The parks came in all sizes, and featured such attractions as the Flying Ponies carousel, the Chute-the-Chutes water ride, and the Cyclone, Racer and Dip-the-Dips roller coasters. Some, like Cleveland's White City, seemed to be courted by bad luck from the beginning, and folded after only a few disappointing seasons. Others, like Youngstown's Idora Park, enjoyed long lives and fostered beloved memories, but eventually closed down in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. A few, like Sandusky's Cedar Point, have grown to be considered among the greatest amusement parks in the world. But most are now forgotten.

With over 200 historic images, Ohio's Amusement Parks in Vintage Postcards brings back many delightful memories of this truly America phenomenon. David W. and Diane DeMali Francis are members of the National Carousel Association, the National Amusement Park Historical Association and the Organization of American Historians. They have published five previous books and dozens of articles on the history of amusement parks.

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