Rhode Island Amusement Parks
Donovan A. Shilling
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ISBN Number: 0752413023
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October 1998
Arcadia Publishing

Rhode Islanders were once able to enjoy amusement parks without travelling far; the State was home to several ocean front parks as early as the mid-19th Century, with some of them surviving into the late 20th Century. Photographers Rob Lewis and Ryan Young have embarked on a journey to discover the amusement parks of the past in this delightful and unprecedented collection of images.

Rhode Island Amusement Parks brings back the memories of a time less complicated than the present, when a sense of family held communities together. View the parks that provided a recreational outlet for so many Rhode Island families and the visitors who frequented them. Scenes from several neighbouring Massachusetts amusement parks are also pictured. The images in this collection are from two large private archives as well as treasured family collections. Special highlights include photographs of hand-operated rides of the 1800s and views of President Taft's plane, which landed at Sandy Beach in 1911. Also featured is Vanity Fair, an amusement park that lasted only five years during the first decade of this century. Residents of these communities will enjoy seeing Rhode Island as it once was and will witness the changes it has endured over the years.

Rob Lewis and Ryan Young have compiled an impressive collection of images and a thoroughly researched text in Rhode Island Amusement Parks. Returning to the amusement parks of yesteryear is sure to evoke fond memories among older generations and spark a historical interest among younger ones.

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