Rocky Point Park
by David Bettencourt and Stephanie Chauvin
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ISBN Number: 978-0738562360
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Publication Date:
April 2009
Arcadia Publishing

In 1847, Rocky Point Park’s humble beginnings as a Sunday school picnic ground gave birth to a true Rhode Island tradition. For nearly 150 years, until its closing in 1995, the park evolved as it welcomed resort vacationers, hosted two U.S. presidents, suffered through devastating hurricanes, and was afterward revived by the Ferla family. By the mid-20th century, no summer in Rhode Island was complete without a trip to Rocky Point to ride the Corkscrew, cool off in the Olympic-sized saltwater pool, and enjoy all-you-can-eat clam cakes and chowder at the world’s largest Shore Dinner Hall. Although no longer standing, Rocky Point Park remains an iconic piece of Rhode Island history and the subject of many fond memories.

About the Author
David Bettencourt is a Rhode Island–born filmmaker and adjunct professor at the University of Rhode Island. His first feature documentary, You Must Be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park, was released in September 2007. Stephanie Chauvin is a freelance writer currently residing in Providence. She spent many summer days at Rocky Point Park. Photographs from the Warwick Historical Society, private collections, and family albums provide a nostalgic look back at one of Rhode Island’s most beloved destinations.

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