Scary Dark Rides
Doug Higley
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ISBN Number: NA
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 100
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: Lionpoint

JOYLAND BOOKS UK EXCLUSIVE. One hundred years of Spooks, Fantasy and Adventure! From the Midways to Disneyland! This is the little known and highly entertaining story of the amusement rides that everybody loves but knows nothing about. It's for those who ride, will ride, can't ride or are too afraid to ride! The only book ever written that turns the lights on! A very personal tour you'll enjoy reading.

Rick West, Theme Park Adventure Magazine: "Scary Dark Rides is the essential piece of any enthusiasts personal library and a MUST HAVE for Theme Park fans of all ages around the world."

Top WDI (Disneyland) Imagineer, Tony Baxter says: "What can I say but thanks so much...made me think about my best experiences with dark rides!"

Haunted Attraction Magazine: "...a gem of a book! Imagine a chat on the porch with a favorite uncle, you learn some simple truths. Terrific stuff!"

Columnist for, KEVIN YEE writes: "I read it right away! It's a fun book, a great read for anyone even mildly interested in dark rides."

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