Showmen: The Voice of Travelling Fair People
by Sally Festing

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ISBN Number: 978-1907730184
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 186
Publication Date: 2013
Shaun Tyas

For over 800 years, showpeople  have brought their rides and stalls to towns and villages across the country: travelling fairs are as much part of England's cultural history as steam trains and cricket on the village green. Showmen brings the scene up to date with a book that explores the place in modern Britain of a close-knit 17,000-strong band battling to combine tradition with novelty. In an independent personal exploration that enquires rather than romanticises, these people speak for themselves about their values and pride in their way of life. About the prejudice they encounter from the larger society they both belong to, and are distinct from, struggle with, and humour.



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