Showmen's Engines at War
by Kay Townsend
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ISBN Number: 97809553595-2-1
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 129
Publication Date: 2009
Kay Townsend

At the declaration of war in 1939, some showmen's engines were standing idle in the showmen's yards, with only about 80 still in service on the fairgrounds.

Scrap dealers were eagerly targeting showmen, so the end for many engines was to be cut, then melted down to provide recycled metals for the War effort. When the 'Phoney War' ended in 1940 and the real hostilities began, the showmen's engines were suddenly in the spotlight as Government requests went out for them to help with war work.

This book records those families who parted with their engines to aid the work of 'National Importance' and help Britain in its hour of need. So, when you see an engine that has survived the work of building airfields, threshing, timber haulage and demolition, remember, from giving pleasure for pennies on the fairground, they went on to help preserve something that is priceless: our freedom.

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