A Preview

This slim volume represented Carter's Books return to publishing after the success of the classic Jubilee Steam Gallopers book.

This is the first study of traditional "stick" rides (for lack of a better name!) This study has produced useful material on Thomas of Chertsey which hopefully will further enhance the reputation of this old quality firm, much loved by the old generations of showmen.

This book records the heyday of these rides and their steady decline in the mainstream business after WWII to the late seventies when they had all but disappeared from modern Showmen's Guild funfairs. That is sadly still the case, but a new wave of Independent Showmen, the majority by far being Society of Independent Roundabout Proprietors members, have purchased examples, restored them to high standards and returned them to the travelling life.

This book follows the high standard set by the Jubilee Steam Gallopers book, and is the second in the Fairground Heritage Series.



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