King Pole No 159 Extra: Water Spectacles in the Circus - Aqua Shows Around the World
by Don Stacey

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ISBN Number: 1872904297
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 36
Publication Date: September 2006
Publisher: Aardvark Publishing

This is an illustrated study of water shows in entertainment around the world:
  • aqua shows with divers and swimmers in baths, cabarets, theatres and in the open air;
  • in touring circuses ingeniously travelling the equipment to transform a 13 metre circus ring into a water arena twice a day;
  • in European circus buildings, specially built over 100 years ago, for example in Britain, France, Ukraine and Russia; and
  • most recently, in new purpose-built aqua arenas in Las Vegas, where technical and artistic barriers are being pushed back with awe-inspiring productions - Cirque du Soleil's 'O' and Franco Dragone's 'Le Reve'.

Britain is unique in possessing two surviving circus buildings which both regularly feature water spectacles, and included are comments from today's producers there:

  • Laci Endresz - at Blackpool Tower Circus (open every year since 1894); and
  • Peter Jay - at Great Yarmouth Hippodrome (open since 1903).

Peter's contribution is the chapter on water spectacles from his autobiograpy, Jaywalking, due in 2007.


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