The Showman's Guild of Great Britain Presents: All the Fun of the Fair
by Graham Downie

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ISBN Number: 0951233300
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 1987
Publisher: The Showmen's Guild of Great Britain

From the introduction:

"All the fun of the fair. What happy memories the age-old phrase evokes Magic moments from younger days when the arrival of the annual fair was as eagerly awaited as the event itself.

It is a feeling of anticipation that has been shared by countless generations, right down to the present.

But have you ever wondered how fairs began? Or about the lives of the showmen who each year make possible the all-too brief hours of excitement and pleasure?

In this booklet we trace the fascinating history of the fair and explain its enduring qualities. And we reveal, perhaps, that the business of the showman is not all fun and games."

Condition: Fine.

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