America Screams
VHS Video

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Format: PAL Video
Running Time:
30 minutes
Release Date:
Rhino Home Video

Buckle up America, you're about to go on the ride of your life! Vincent Price has found yet another way to make you scream as he takes you on a white-knuckle tour of some of the country's wildest, fastest and most terrifying roller coasters.

You'll have a front seat view as you experience the twists, turns, loops and plunges of these pulse-pounding wonders. Plus, trace the whirlwind history of the amusement park - beginning with its humble origin in Coney Island, the spectacular success of the world's first theme parks in the 1950s...and beyond.

From the earliest wood-frame coasters to the sleek metal scream machines of today, this non-stop, topsy-turvy look at thrill rides is guaranteed to leave you breathless!

Condition: Very good.


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