A Ring, A Horse And A Clown: An Eight Generation History of the Hannefords
by John H McConnell
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ISBN Number: 0963601903
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Publication Date: 1992
Astley & Ricketts Limited

Ladies and gentlemen, The Hannefords! For over 200 years such an announcement has been introducing Hannefords to circus audiences. They have juggled; flown on trapezes; walked high wires; trained tigers; and even owned their own circuses, but they are best known for an act that has become their trademark - a combination of skilled riding, fast horses and comedy.

In many ways the Hannefords' story is the story of the circus. Their act contains three elements that define the circus: a ring, a horse and a clown. They were performing on London streets when the first modern circus performance was presented, and they have been associated with the major events in circus history. They are the essence of the circus and its acknowledged first family.

In this well researched and insightful book, you will journey with John McConnell as he discovers their history and examines the motivations for his life long fascination with this little known realm of show business.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to run away with the circus, you will discover your answer in this story that spans eight generations of performance history. It's an opportunity to return to the joys of childhood. The circus is here, and the Hannefords are the circus!

Condition: Very good in slightly worn dust wrapper.

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