A Seat at the Circus
by Antony D Hippisley Coxe

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ISBN Number: 0-208-01766-6
Number of Pages:
Publication Date: 1980 - revised edition
Macmillan Press Limited

This book has one purpose - to help you enjoy the circus, and since true appreciation requires some knowledge of history and technique, it contains something of both.

The book is set out in the form of a circus programme from overture to finale and provides not only descriptions of all the well-known acts as they are seen in the ring, but also of the work and skill, the endless patient rehearsing and, in some cases, the almost incredible courage, of their performers.

Chapters include: the Circus Through the Ages, Trick Riding, The Strong Man, Performing Animals, Liberty Horses, Daredevils, Aerial Acts and others.

Condition: Very good in good dust wrapper, slightly worn at the edges.

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