Baudy, The Animal Man: The Biography of Robert Baudy - autographed by Robert Baudy
by Robert Baudy and Sandra Thompson

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ISBN Number: 978-1568250335
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
Rainbow Books, Inc

A book about the controversial figure Robert Baudy. From the cover:

"Zoologists, filmmakers, reporters, people of all walks of life and from all over the world beat a path to the secluded environment of wild animal authority Robert Baudy and his wild kingdom in Florida. Baudy, an internationally recognised expert on the training, collecting, breeding and protection of wildlife, has been instrumental in saving the Florida panther from extinction. The Animal Man is Baudy's intimate life story from his early days in France to his later residency in the United States, where he founded, at first, his Savage Kingdom, and now the Rare Feline Breeding Center in Florida. Baudy is an active member of the Association of Zoological Parks & Aquariums."

This copy is signed by Robert Baudy himself, dated 25th November 1996.

Condition: Very Good copy with autograph on the title page (click on image above for close-up of front cover).

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