The Birmingham Onion Fair
Ned Williams
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ISBN Number: 1 898528 07 0
Number of Pages: 
Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: Uralia Press

Birmingham Onion Fair may have its origins in Royal Charters and the sale of onions, but this book is concerned with the amusements that grew up alongside the business of trading. After 1875 the onions and the amusements went their separate ways. The amusements went in exile to Aston, and became a modern funfair. From 1875 to 1968 these fairs enjoyed a remarkable history and brought great pleasure to thousands of people. The fair endured three changes of location, but eventually settled on the Serpentine Ground, a stone's throw from Aston Villa Football Club. One man's name is associated with these fairs - Pat Collins, King of Showmen - but this book tries to give credit to everyone involved from legendary showmen to escaping lions. Come and read their story and re-live the colour and movement and magic of the fair. It was loud and brash and dusty - but it was fun for all!

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