British Piers
John Walton, photographs by Richard Fischer

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ISBN Number: 0500541256
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Thames & Hudson

Seaside piers were virtually a British speciality, a social phenomenon as well as an architectural one. Sixty years ago there were dozens of them all around the coast. At the time of this books publication, only seventeen survived in anything like their original form, and the future of them is shaky in more senses than one.

Richard Fischer, one of Germany's leading young photographers, captures their paradoxical beauty in a series of eighty remarkable colour pictures that stress both their individuality and their collective appeal: a strange mixture of  fragile charm and robust vulgarity. As subjects for the photographer they have few equals, and the British weather, while not always kind, adds its own contribution in terms of light and mood. An introduction by the historian John Walton explains how and why they were built, their shifting fortunes and their continuing place in the social scene.

Condition: Like new/unread, with fine dustjacket.

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