The Bultin Story
by Rex North

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Jarrolds Publishers Ltd

The liner notes state:

"Butlin is a name known to everyone in the land. Countless thousands remember holidays spent in his holiday camps. To those who have had such an experience the name of Billy Butlin is synonymous with happiness. But "Mr Happiness" has had to endure some miserable setbacks on the way up to deserve this title. Many have asked and wondered what sort of a man is the originator of this vast organisation. Here is the answer - the story of a man with a vision, the core of which was  how to provide a first-class holiday suitable to every possible taste and type of person at a fair price.

In this gay and perceptive life story we meet young Butlin as a boy at school in Bristol and later in Toronto. We see him take his first job at the age of thirteen, collecting waste paper. We see him join the Canadian Army at fifteen and serving in it through the First World War. We follow his footsteps back to Canada and back again to England, where his imagination and courage, coupled with the support and guidance of his mother, paid handsome dividends on the fairgrounds and amusement parks until the great day when Skegness Holiday Camp was opened. On the outbreak of World War II the camps were taken over by the Army, but Butlin's services and advice were sought by the leaders of Government and Service Chiefs and used to the full.

After the War there were difficulties, but Butlin surmounted these and new camps were opened...Here is a true story that is more dramatic and exciting than fiction and far more rewarding."

Condition: Very good.

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