Carter's Steam Fair

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Format: DVD
Release Date: 
Exempt from classification
Region coding: 
Not region coded
Running Time: 
30 minutes
Railfilms Ltd

From their Jubilee Steam Gallopers to their Paramount Chairoplanes, Carters Steam Fair captures a traditional atmosphere like no other! This programme pictures all the fun of the fair and provides a unique insight into the background of the Carters steam collection. The action follows the fair to Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead where assembly and preparation is in hand for one of the most prestigious weekends ever held. For the first time in 26 years steam will provide 100% of the power to drive and light a kaleidoscope of colour and sound.

Behind the scenes John Carter provides the background to the rides and adds his own philosophy on the day to day operations and magic of his family business.

Condition: Very good.

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